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June Semi Annual Sale 2013

It's almost here!

Semi Annual Sale time.  The time where all good Bath & Body Works fragrance fans make plans to attend day one of the stores sale launch....and every day after that. 

We plan alright.  We know we must get there early to check out those bins if we want the best selection.  And we know to keep checking our social media sites to see who has found what in their areas to look for it in ours.

We inquire about the date long before its we can tell our bosses we need that day off.  We control our spending  habits prior to it, thinking ahead to what might be on sale.... what may be brought back....and how big of a haul can we get.  And when the little yellow bounce back card gets tucked into our shopping bags and we get even more crazed.

No matter how much we have....we want More.  More...on sale.

So we will see:

$3.00 both Online Exclusives and Signature Collection Body Care products:
  • Body Lotion
  • Shower Gel
  • Fragrance Mist
  • Body Cream
  • Hair Care
$3.00 Antibacterial Soap

$5.00 Wallflower double packs

$11.00  3 wick Candles

Priced to start out with.  Where will they end?  Only your store knows as the days of the sale tick off and quantity diminishes.  My favorite time is the last week....when things start selling at prices under a dollar.  That's where I stock up on gift bags and the "other stuff" I will use for the upcoming gift-giving events.

Semi Annual Sale....  Three great words. 

But not as good as "You've got Mail."
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June Semi Annual Sale 2013


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