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Lids or no the question.

My store has a ton of the 1.3oz sas sale priced at 5 for $5.00 and if you like those scents and that sized candle, it's a decent price.

The NEW mini candles are coming in now pre-priced at $4.50 each and will be on sale for a price of 3 for 10.00.  BOOOOOO.....

I remember when they first came out in the plastic cups and were sale priced at 3 for $5.00.  I stocked up on them and used surveys to get a bunch for free and signature free items coupons to get a big bottle of something for free as well.

Then, we had the "I almost burned my house down" drama from those who didn't know the correct way to burn the little ones.  And the company quickly pulled them from the shelves....retooled them in glass and upped the price to now 2 for $5.00.

I personally never had troubles with the little ones, I burned them attended, in another glass holder, and not as long as I would say a 3 wick.  Ha ha. 

So now they are in glass holders and are now coming with  METAL lids....rather than the plastic sheath.

Do we need lids on those? 

Most people when they burn a votive or tea light candle don't cover it up when it is extinguished.  These 1.3oz candles aren't much more than a tea light so why the need for a silver lid?

And is that worth the extra price?

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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

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