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Life Inside the Page | De-stash Sale on Mercari


With spring comes spring cleaning season and I am knee deep in it when it comes to all of the things I collect. 

I took a good look at all of the new I have been collecting and shelving with the hopes of getting to using some day and it is time to clear stuff out. Clearly...

I will be using Mercari as the way to sell off items.

Click Here to follow me on Mercari so you will see my items listed as I update them. And I do have a code that will save you $10 on new accounts when you sign up, so that can help with some shipping charges.

Sign up and get $10 OFF your first purchase

I know shipping is expensive everywhere and I hate that for you and for myself...but there isn't much I can do about that, but Mercari shipping is still a bit cheaper than regular mailing costs. I ship only through USPS ( US Mail ).

Here are the rates for Mercari:

0.5 oz - 15.9 oz. = $5.25 first class

1-3 pounds = $11.00 priority

3-10 pounds = $16.00 priority

10-20 pounds = $30.00 priority

I can combine most things together to help save on shipping. Just know some things are weighty... like a Bath and Body Works three wick candle.

Just because it reads it is 14.5 oz. does not mean that is what it weighs. People tend to forget that is the wax content in the jar and the glass has weight too. Then there are the packaging materials to up the weight of the box.

On average, unwrapped candles weigh close to 2 pounds each.

Boxed up for safe shipping I can get four candles in the box for Mercari $16. Up to 10 pound charge. That makes shipping on each about $4.00.

Serious buyers only please. I can't tell you how many people send a list of what they want, and I deactivate posts to combine them into one listing to save on shipping and they never follow through. Not fun.

I can't cancel sales - Please use your coupons at the time of payment.

My listing prices are pretty fair and firm.

I don't think of Mercari as a yard sale or a flea market type of shopping so I would hope those looking here to make a purchase don't as well. There are fees that come off of my listing price so between the fees and expenses, I won't get what I list the items at. 

There will be many types of things, some at cost, some more than cost, and some less than cost. Rae Dunn Pottery, Target Bullseyes Playground, Bath and Body Works and other random things. I hope you find something that you will love and I appreciate your stopping by to take a look.
Happy Shopping! ~Tess

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Friday, 23 August 2019

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