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my day out...

The sky was a glorious shade of blue today as I ventured out in the cold with hubby for a vacation day away from the drudgery of work.  We had a few appointments scheduled for today, the first beginning at 7 am so I did get to watch the sun come up....bright and early.  There is something about seeing a new day start that renews me....and I never fail to recognize that feeling.  I am blessed...and I know it.

After the first appointment was checked off of the list and the much anticipated McD's decaf was had, we headed to my play place.....Bath and Body Works.  My favorite store is still having the semi annual going on, but slowly you can see the rearranging happening.  I was told while they extended the SAS a bit, the last few days will only have one table of products so if there was anything I wanted I needed to grab it this weekend.  I also heard that the walls are switching around.  The candles are being moved up and the AT moving from the left side to the right side corner.  Wallflowers are pushing closer to the door....and lip glosses are staying where they always are.

I smiled and asked one of my favorites managers...."and where are the pocket bacs going...?"  And she smiled back...and pointed.  They are well aware of my addiction....and as a matter of fact I got 8 more today....(not counting the dozen I ordered online)

We talked about the new coming in on the truck...PB holders such as the frog prince, and all of the light ups....the monkeys and a ROBOT.....she was telling me of the others and I think I blacked out briefly after hearing about the ROBOT.... haha..because I forget them.  She told me I have them on my list.

She got me the new lip glosses ....blood orange, pink guava, exotic kiwi, acai berry and they are beautiful colors.  Of course I didn't smell them yet but I love the packaging design and their appearance.  They were not yet ringing the sale prices so I will get them tomorrow night. 

She brought out the dollar samplers of the new sweethearts and I like the smell of each of them.  Not one that I would make a signature scent of mine...but one worth enjoying occasionally.
They too were ringing $3.50 so I will get them tomorrow for the $1.00.

I saw all of the scent portables.....a-dorable.  I really liked the round shapes as well.  As I posted on the blog previous to this one....the stainless look, the wood or what I thought was tortoise, look and the copper are for me, must haves.  I love copper cookware and I have some and I like them for my own kitchen and will get a few to give as kitchen gifts.  A pot holder set, utensils,  lovely apron, candle and that hanging from a gift basket will tie it all in together nicely.

And like everything else today, they are allowed to be on the floor but were not ringing at sale prices yet.

I did get the new large hand sanitizer bottles, both apple and strawberry. I can't wait to try the aloha orchid and mango paradise due out in February.

The store still had a lot of SAS candles left, $8.00 for the large and 2.33 for the 4oz.  I was told when the sale ends, the items leftover will be put on the shelves in the back until the summer sale.  I couldn't help think wouldn't it be better to slash the prices more and clear it all out.    I see the eucalyptus gift set for $150.00 was still in store....still only priced at 50% off.  I think the employees are waiting to nab it.  I forgot to ask when the big tower was sold....

The manager told me that todays order was bringing in a lot more IPHONE covers  (4 and 5) and in more than the bow pattern as shown in the book.  They are getting a lot in gingham patterns.....LOVE.   I personally don't own an I-phone but I love the new ideas they are coming up with. 

The gift sets are also coming out and are nice.

So that was my day out skies with peeks of SPRING....
much love.

New 2013 Gift Sets
New 2013 scentportables....a bit grown up


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Friday, 24 May 2019

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