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Pure Paradise Event today

May 25, 2013

Since no one mentioned the event today, (and continuing on thru Monday) I will tell
 you what it is about and what I got.  If you didn't know that there was an event, your not alone....There wasn't even signage up at the stores entrance to drive sales in today...hence another empty store when I arrived.

Each Sales Associate had a packet of coupons in their pocket and greeted me when I entered asking me what I was looking for.  Actually nothing then, I was waiting for a friend of my mine to join me with her granddaughter and I planned on buying her all of the new pocketbacs.

The manager told me that today was a Pure Paradise event.....(I heard rumblings that it was suppose to be a free fragrance mist with a signature purchase earlier in the week...which was incorrect)  and if you try a pure paradise product you can qualify for one of three coupons they had.

  •  One was for a free travel sized item, one was for a free signature item with a specific purchase and the third was for a free EDT with the purchase of $25.00 of Pure Paradise products.

I do love the scrubs in a few of the signature items so I was fortunate enough to get a free EDT coupon pulled and I used the buy three get three free an assortment of scrubs and picked a Twilight Woods EDT as my gift.  $34.50 item for free, as well as 42.00 worth of scrubs for free too!

Later when my friend joined us in B&BW, I bought her granddaughter 13 pocketbacs, three holders and she got a free travel size coupon and got a free pink chiffon lotion and I used my PP free signature item bounce back  coupon and got her the matching shower gel.

I left BBW and went into the Gertrude Hawk store and in the back where they sell the seconds and found a bunch of cute things.  They sell the rolls of wrapping paper off after the season and it's nice quality paper at a great price.  They also sell off the empty containers and this one I was hoping would come up for sale because I saw it at Christmas time but I didn't like the candies offered in it (plus it was expensive)  This three piece stacked set of boxes cost only $2.00.  Perfect for adding gifts to well as storing something on a closet shelf.  If you like things like this, it pays to check out these kinds of stores for deals.

And check out your Victorias Secrets stores as I saw the signage: $19.99 bras and 2.99 panties.

New online exclusive bottles
Pure Paradise Event today


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