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Saturday 75% off

July 20th 2013

I stopped in my favorite mall today hoping to find something new in my favorite store.  Nada, of course.  But I did find a few trinkets on the 75% off rack that I couldn't pass up.


I really love those white pedestals as they are for year round use and blend perfectly with even holiday items.  I got all of this for a bit over ten dollars.  Each one of those white pedestals are $10.50.
I went into Victorias Secret hoping to smell the new fragrance Victoria.  This store would not let me....(I should have yesterday when I had the chance) and they told me it comes out next Sunday.  I did ask both the sales associate and manager and both did smell it and told me it not only smelled sweet, but it smelled off....with the roses in it.  The SA went even further to say it felt like it was for "old people".  I looked over my glasses at her and she followed up with, " you know like forty and fifty year olds".... as her manager looked on and rolled her eyes.  I smiled and said well then it will be perfect for me.  She said it reminded her of two scents combined that she didn't care for.....Rapture and something else....I forgot now.  She did mention she was a bit over 21 herself so I found it amusing how she thought 40ish was old....  I guess its like 60 ish think everyone is young...and I thought it odd she was so critical of the scent especially since its not yet released.  Shouldn't she be a bit more positive?  I will get mine this week in the mail so I will see if it is directed for a more mature.....  ;)  cliental.
I did pick up a bunch of Pink panties for my niece as well as the flip flops they have for $10.00.  I even found my eye shadow palette that I was going to order last night online clearance priced at 75% off.    And I did get that promo lace panties for $5.00 each.... Normally 14.50 a pair... 3 pair limit per customer.  I have a sister with a birthday coming up. They are really pretty and soft and come in a bunch of colors and with the holidays coming up, what girl on your list wouldn't want a little pink striped box?  INCLUDING yourself!  For $15.00 you can get three for the price of one.
With every day that passes I see a few more new things coming online and I want to place an order yet I know as soon as I do, more that I want will show up. 
I hope the coupons I posted last night were helpful today to those who took advantage of them.  I thought about using them myself, but I want new pumpkin I waited.  And again, the store had no idea of what I was talking about until I showed her.
I guess their don't ask don't tell policy even applies to telling the store managers.  Haha.  I am sorry, I find that whole ...stuff...pure crap.  And I will get into that in my next blog on the dot com page for my registered users. I didn't get a chance to post it last night.

I love to pick up these photo boxes at Michaels craft stores as well as ACMoore craft stores as they hold a lot of things....pretty.  These are from ACMoore and were regularly priced at $3.99 each but they did let me use a half off coupon on one.  Stacked on a closet shelf, all you see is pink , and organized.  I use these to hold TMC's, lipglosses, deodorants, mists, true blue spa, EVERYTHING!

Well, I best get my things put away for now and write out my thoughts about yesterday...  I hope you all found something to make  your day pretty too.

Hugs, Tessie
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