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December 28, 2013
It's often said that with most things in life, you need a good foundation.  I am still trying to find thee perfect one for me.
The Loreal Paris magic smooth soufflé was okay.  Not great in covering everything as I had hoped for; I would say a more light to mid-light coverage from that.  It was light and fluffy in texture and smoothed on easily and stayed on without settling for most of the day.  But it wasn't a complete smooth coverage over pores. and it did sweat off with summer use and ..ahem... hot flashes.  :)
The Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush was yucky.
It smells horrid.  It comes out of the can all foamy like pop rocks in your mouth and when you smooth it on your skin its smooth....and has light to medium coverage....if you can stand the scent.  It smelled rancid and I am not sure if I bought a bad can or that is the scent but it is yucky.
The Almay Wake-up Makeup was different and a bit refreshing for a powdered makeup.  It's is like the other powder application makeups but with using the brush included in the cap you get this moisture wet feeling as you apply it over your skin. Like it has water encapsulated in it... Not bad and I will use it up but I am not sure I would repurchase it.
And the Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover makeup does exactly that. When I went to the BonTon to look for something with a bit more coverage the sales girl told me about this product.  They do offer a lighter weight version too but I wanted to see what this product had to offer.  She told me she uses it on her face for acne issues and large pores and I really had to try to look to see anything....and she mentioned she used it in the summer time on her legs to hide varicose veins.
It is a pricey product, $36.00 for a tube but a little dab does go far and I purchased it with a free cosmetic bag full of products which helps.  Most BonTon coupons don't apply to cosmetics but the occasional booklet they sell for $5.00 offers a lot of good coupons for things in the store you usually can't save on.
I am not a big fan of a heavy makeup look but at least this makeup doesn't feel too heavy while wearing it.  I would rather clear clean faced days but sometimes that just isn't happening.   
Aw menopause thou art a meany..... 

Happy New Year
New Trademark: Forever Sapphire


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