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A Doggie Bloggie | Homemade Grain Free Peanut Butter and Apple Dog Training treats

January 2, 2014
Growing up our house had its share of cats and dogs for pets. I can't really remember a time we didn't have something other than kids running around the house needing to be fed and making a mess.  They were our confidants and secret keepers, our playmates and the givers of unconditional love.  Our hearts beamed when they did the tricks we taught them, and our hearts broke when we lost them.
I haven't had a dog or cat since I have been married...just a few fish and a parakeet were the pets here {and all of nature that roams into my yard}  but I am lucky to share my love of puppies with my families dogs.
My brother and I were talking yesterday and he mentioned to me that he arrived home to find the scent of peanut butter filling the house and some cooking going on in his kitchen and it wasn't for him.  His girlfriend found a treat recipe online for dogs and wanted to give it a try for their ten year old shepherd Faith.
I had heard that there were some treats you can make for your pets, but I didn't know too much about them and I was interested in this treat because I know Faith has some allergies and wondered how it would work for her. 
She loves them.
He shared the site the recipe was on so I could share it here on my blog...and not in my Recipe Box above... {I didn't want people to mistake it for a peanut butter cookie for us } so I created this new category just for all things Doggies.
Here is the link to the page for the recipe. 
 If Faith is any indication, you better double the recipe.
Thanks to K9Instinct for sharing this and other great ideas for mans best friend.
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