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HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin | QVC Today's Special Value | Scent Diffusers

With winter's deep freeze lurking just outside of my door, my need for something spring-like was just answered in a little floral box...that lights!

When Harry Slatkin made his return to QVC I knew two things would be happening.  First, I would be making many, many purchases...and secondly, I would be treated to scented products to fragrance my home like no other brand could offer.

Last Tuesday, February 6th, Harry offered his HomeWorx Brand Scent Diffusers in a two pack with six refills as the Today's Special Value. The hardest choice I found, was trying to decide which print on the unit I wanted to try out first.  Because of my love of flowers and the fact that I grow Hydrangeas in my garden, the Purple Floral was easily my pick.

I received my purchase yesterday and I wanted to share a few thoughts.

Many years ago when Slatkin & Co. brand was sold in Bath and Body Works stores there was a Scent Diffuser offered then called Scentport.  It was similar in concept of air freshening like that of the Bath and Body Works version of a Wallflower, whereas you put the glass bulb of fragrance oil into the plug-in unit and enjoy fragrance without the worry of an open flame.  The Scentport unit design was a tapered sort of square shape that had a door that swung open that allowed you to click a refill into it and I found this seemed to be the stronger scented way of fragrancing compared to the Wallflower. I still have a few.

Now, this HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin Scent Diffuser reminded me of that. And it is super easy to use. This squared shaped unit is in two pieces, allowing you to add the refill and in one click of pushing the top and bottom together, you are ready to plug in and enjoy. Plus, these Light Up!

I am glad this HomeWorx Scent Diffuser offers us the adjustable plug that can be rotated for your outlet.  I live in an older home and some of the outlets were installed sideways.

The print on the purple floral unit is beautifully done, my photos don't do them justice, and I found myself smiling as I was taking them out of the box they were shipped in.  In a matter of seconds, I had the refill installed and it was plugged in my Living Room.

I didn't mention anything to my husband, I wanted to see if he noticed the fragrance.  I went into the kitchen and served dinner.  In a matter of minutes, we could smell the Wild Hydrangea scent there. I am not sure what a Wild Hydrangea smells like, but the fragrance coming from this diffuser reminded me of FRESH BAMBOO from Slatkin & Co. candle days. The longer the unit was plugged in, the further upstairs the fragrance traveled and didn't weaken in strength.

Tomorrow I am going to try the second unit plugged in another room with the Climbing Clementis refill.  I am curious how the two fragrances are going to blend.

Below is the link to this product on  When I purchased mine, I paid the TSV pricing of $27.64 and $5.50 shipping. Currently, they are being offered for $29.94 with $5.50 shipping and they also are available for Easy pay.... 4 payments of $7.49 each.

Please keep in mind that pricing is for two scent diffuser units and six refill bulbs.

Elevate your senses--and your guest's too--with elegantly designed diffusers in luxury seasonal scents. Two illuminating, patterned diffusers give your home a more inviting vibe with six Refillables in two distinct, luxurious scents that automatically fill your rooms throughout the day. From HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin.

  • Includes two diffuser units and six 21 mL Refillables
  • Allover pattern with silvertone trim
  • Lights up when plugged in
  • Adjustable plug can be rotated to help prevent spillage; refer to video above for demonstration
  • Blue Toile Wisteria Vine and Enchanted Peony scents
  • Red Toile: Spring Melon and Apple Orchard scents
  • Black Toile Van Cherry Bloss and Tuberose scents
  • Green Toile: Clementine Flower and Wild Honeysuckle scents
  • Mixed Floral: Summer Zinnia and Pink Geranium scents
  • Purple Floral: Climbing Clematis and Wild Hydrangea scents
  • Measures approximately 2-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 3/8"
  • ETL listed; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Imported
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