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HomeWorx Candles by Harry Slatkin | Review | Autumn Pumpkin

First on my "must have" list of candles...Autumn Pumpkin should be on yours too!  Continue reading for my thoughts on this HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin Candle.

HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin Candle Collection: Autumn Pumpkin

Size: This glass jar candle measures approx.: 3.5" tall 5.5" wide at its base 4.75" wide at the top of the jar 

Wick Count: This is a NEW Four WICK candle

The weight of the Candle: The candle weighs approx. 2# 15 ounces

Wax Content: 18 ounces

Burn Time: The label reads it burns for approx. 30 - 55 hours

Year: 2018 

Wax Color: a beautiful autumn orange color

Jar Design Features: sheer label decorated with pepper berries, pumpkins and leaves, with an silver embossed lid

Fragrance Scent Notes: pumpkin, orange, cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg

Where you can find HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin brand Products: QVC

Initial Thoughts:

From the minute I opened the box this candle came in, I was drawn to it.  How can I not be, I mean look at that label! 

Jack Be Little Pumpkins, orange colored pepper berries and autumn leaves scattered around the jar front to back launching your journey into... Fall!

Then you lift off the lid and you are met with the truest scent of Fall Spice inspiration and Pumpkins Deliciousness.  Almost gourmand to me, it reminded me of a childhood visit to my grandmother's house when she was baking (gingerbread) cake or pumpkin spice bread. The warmth of her kitchen from the oven and the scent of spices made me anxious to cut a big powdered sugared piece right out of the pan and dig in before it had a chance to cool. That is this candle for me.

This candles spice notes are not strong and overpowering, something you may expect from a cinnamon, clove and nutmeg combination. No, these are tempered with a pumpkin note that makes them work together without being overly sweet... if that makes sense. I kept smelling the candle on cold and then when it was burning and I kept thinking...How does he get it to smell creamy?  While it states orange as a note, I didn't find this in here predominately...well, certainly not a biting noteable citrus. 

The throw on this candle is incredible.  Throughout the entire upstairs as well as downstairs, this candle burned perfectly every time and when extinguished the beautiful scent remained well into the following morning.  Like my Nana's Cake scent. 

I sit in the room it burns in and it never choked me out that I couldn't enjoy it - something that I have had happen before with other candles.

The wax pooled out quickly and evenly for me, thanks to the fourth wick I suppose and the wicks never needed trimming, just the normal pre-burning care of removing the mushrooms off with a tissue.

Final Thoughts:

This is a candle that should be on the top of your candle list for fall. Try at least one. For me, I know I will enjoy this candle all year long, even into the holidays. This is my "Welcome to my Home" for my guests, and a childhood trip down memory lane for me.

You have nothing to lose if you're not completely happy with the candles when they arrive in September you can return them. Currently, they are being offered on a presale ( click here ) on easy pay with $5.50 SHIPPING.

These will ship two candles deep inside of a styrofoam lined box. I would definitely purchase more than one of this scent for myself and for the gift drawer. 

Product Description: 

Description Advanced orders ship 9/22/18.

Decorate the air with deliciously scented, real-flame four-wick candles by fragrance expert Harry Slatkin. Enjoy a decadent sensory indulgence with every breath, or gift your loved ones with these harvest-scented treasures that transform a house into a home. From HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin.

  • Includes two 18-oz Autumn Pumpkin candles
  • Autumn Pumpkin: pumpkin, orange, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg
  • Four wicks
  • Wax with blended oils
  • Approximate burn time is 30 to 55 hours
  • Clear glass jar, decorative label, and embossed metal lid
  • Measures approximately 5-3/4"Diam x 3-1/2"H
  • Imported

And please visit me on Instagram and Instagram and Facebook and let me know what you think of this scent.

Disclaimer- I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of each candle for review purposes. The opinions expressed are completely my own based on my experience with this item.

HomeWorx Candles by Harry Slatkin | Review | Autum...
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