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HomeWorx Candles by Harry Slatkin | Review | Creamy Dreamy Vanilla Candle

My first burn of this last night for over five hours left me wondering just what was this fragrance.  I knew I knew it, but the hour was late and I was tired so I extinguished it for the night with the promise of a second burn today.  And as soon as I lit it this morning...I knew. 

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Today I wanted to share another new candle I am burning.

A friend had sent me a few of the new HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin Candles to try and I am excited to share some of my thoughts on the scents and burn of these three wick candles. Please check back often to all of my review posts for updates on all of the burns I talk about as I will be burning them to the bottom of the jar and letting you know what I found out about each.

I started with the Fantastic Fudge Candle first, of course I mean it is chocolate, and today's burn is:


Let me start by giving you some specs on the candle.

Size: This glass jar candle measures approx.:

3.5" tall

5.5" wide at its base

4.75" wide at the top of the jar

Wick Count: This is a THREE WICK candle

The weight of the Candle: The candle weighs approx. 2# 15 ounces

Wax Content: 18 ounces

Burn Time: The label reads it burns for approx. 30 - 55 hours

Year: 2018

Wax Color: White/Cream

Jar Design Features: This candle features a cream colored scalloped edge lid with a logo embossed in the center. The jar has a wrap around label with vertical lines and a rectangle scent name box on the front. It is designed to inspire an Ice Cream Parlor feel for this collection.

Fragrance Scent Notes:

Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Caramel Cream, Cinnamon, Crystallized Sugar

Where you can find HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin brand Products:


Initial Thoughts:

I sniffed and I sniffed yesterday when I began to review this candle and it was perplexing to me.  I was burning it in my office from 6:46 pm to 11: 53 pm and it smelled much so that I was enjoying and let it burn a bit too long.

When I burn to review, I take notes and in reading what I wrote, it makes me laugh.  I know what this is...I wrote.  It wasn't until today, during the second burn I realized what scent this is for me.


I know you just read that and said, "What?"   Sitting here in my sunny office today ( with Easter tomorrow ) it hit me.  It is exactly that creamy vanilla chocolate sweet scent.  Sweet...not sickening sweet. Now you know you want to go find a piece of Easter White Chocolate to smell.  Make sure it is good white chocolate...

My favorite thing at Easter-time is a Baby Binks Hollow Chocolate Bunny and a White Chocolate Cross from Gertrude Hawk Chocolates.

This scent is that white chocolate creamy vanilla scent and I love it!!!  And look...NO Calories!

The burn was perfect.  I thought I was getting nose-blind to the fragrance last night as the ambiance in my office was relaxing me but as soon as I left the room I found the Vanilla scent through the hallway, bedrooms, and downstairs too.  I give this a good 7/8 out of 10....and it also was not overwhelming to be in the same room with it as it burned.

I will continue to burn this candle to the bottom of the jar and add photos to this post so you can see my progress, and read if my scent thoughts change as it progresses.

This Candle should be coming to QVC really soon so keep checking the link I shared above to purchase one for yourself.

Product Description:

HomeWorx scents now offer a bigger scent experience, so fragrance your home with this set of two decadently delicious three-wick ice cream candle scents and you'll believe you're in the sweetest place on earth. From HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin.

  • Includes two 18-oz scented candles
  • Two fragrances per set
  • Soy paraffin wax blend
  • Three wicks
  • Clear glass jars with embossed painted metal lids with scallop detail
  • Burns approximately 30 to 55 hours
  • Measures 3-1/2"H x 5-3/4"Diam

And please visit me on Instagram and Instagram and Facebook and let me know what you think of this scent.

Disclaimer- I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of each candle for review purposes. The opinions expressed are completely my own based on my experience with this item.

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