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HomeWorx Candles by Harry Slatkin | Review | Deliciously Apple

Think of Apple Picking season when the apples are still warm from the sun on the tree and you reach up and take it off and bite into it before washing it. The sweetness and the tart perfection hits you like nothing you experience from a store bought fruit.

HomeWorx Candles by Harry Slatkin | Review | Deliciously Apple

Size: This glass jar candle measures approx.: 3.5" tall 5.5" wide at its base 4.75" wide at the top of the jar 

Wick Count: This is a NEW Four WICK candle

The weight of the Candle: The candle weighs approx. 2# 15 ounces

Wax Content: 18 ounces 

Burn Time: The label reads it burns for approx. 30 - 55 hours 

Year: 2018 

Wax Color: White

Jar Design Features: sheer label decorated with red apples and leaves on a tree trunk fence, with a silver monogram embossed lid

Fragrance Scent Notes: Juicy McIntosh, Honeycrisp apple, watery pear, applewood, bamboo

Where you can find HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin brand Products: QVC

Initial Thoughts: 

I had my first burn of this candle last evening and it seemed to pool out rather quickly with a very strong fragrance filling the room I was in as well as my entire upstairs. I began burning it again tonight and I found the throw is about the same and the fragrance still quite intoxicating. 

Now, what did I smell?  

I expect an apple fragrance to smell, like a fresh, apple fragrance and this was not a disappointment.  Think of Apple Picking season when the apples are still warm from the sun on the tree and you reach up and take it off and bite into it before washing it. The sweetness and the tart perfection hits you like nothing you experience from a store bought fruit.

A crisp, juicy apple scent hit me first; you know that first bite you take out of an apple and the zest hits you just under your nose - that is what this started out like with this sweetness when I thought it would be more tart. Then, the pear took over ( I love pear) and a fresh, green note...and a hint of floral something. Not heavy perfumey...this is an apple scent no doubt....  but there is something in here that rounds out the citrus of the it the woods?? The notes rolled around so much I found myself getting up and going closer to the candle to breathe it in. I have been burning this candle for the past few days, numerous times each day to check its burn and it never has diappointed me.  For those who love a fresh apple scent I do recommend this candle.  

Currently, they are being offered on a presale ( click here ) on easy pay with $5.50 SHIPPING.
These will ship two candles deep inside of a styrofoam lined box. 

Product Description:

Advanced orders ship 9/22/18.

Decorate the air with deliciously scented, real-flame four-wick candles by fragrance expert Harry Slatkin. Enjoy a decadent sensory indulgence with every breath, or gift your loved ones with these harvest-scented treasures that transform a house into a home. From HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin.

  • Includes two 18-oz Deliciously Apple candles
  • Deliciously Apple: juicy McIntosh, honey crisp apple, watery pear, applewood, and bamboo
  • Four wicks
  • Wax with blended oils
  • Approximate burn time is 30 to 55 hours
  • Clear glass jar, decorative label, and embossed metal lid
  • Measures approximately 5-3/4"Diam x 3-1/2"H
  • Imported
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Disclaimer- I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of this candle for my thoughts and review purposes. The opinions expressed are completely my own based on my experience with this item.
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HomeWorx Candles by Harry Slatkin | Review | Autum...


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