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“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.” – William H. Gass

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A Absolute Bath & Body Works fan who writes a blog for both men and women covering various topics including photography, gardening, cooking, arts and crafts .

Life Talk | An Evolution of a Blog

 Wow.  My blog writing has been going on for some time now. Years...  I shake my head when I look back at the beginning of my sharing and all that it entailed comparing it to where I am now.  Simply starting as an archive of Bath and Body Works information that I was picking up here and there, mainly for myself...this endeavor has turned into quite a thing.  With plenty of ups and downs like a ride in an amusement park, this writing gig has been very interesting to say the least.

I said to my brother the other day while looking at posts past because they needed to be organized again after reloading them to this site...there is so much more to learn to do any of this sharing.  So much.  The back end building of this monster? Not my thing.  I let the professionals handle that...namely my brother.  If you need a website, he is the guy to talk to. Seriously.  Check out his links in the OUR TEAM link on the side menu bar.

When I first started sharing Bath and Body Works information I went to the free sites, like BlogSpot and WordPress. Pick a theme and write.  I was fresh out of blogging my sadness and I was not thinking about naming photos and SEO and all of the gobbly-gook that goes into blogging.  I was, " Here is what I found out."  Okay, so even now I am not a big SEO or name the photo kinda girl...but I do know why that stuff is so important.

Then the time came to change up the "free blog with little control over craziness" to a URL of my own. That change also came with a name change and I chose Life Inside the Page because it is what I feel this is all about. I truly think of my life as a journal of days. Every day I wake up, I get the chance to add another page to it as the chapters of my life grow.

I sort of knew what I wanted my page to look like.  And there were a few versions that worked for awhile. Then I would get bored with it and want something different and we would try to find something new to satisfy me.

When Go Daddy unexpectedly dumped my blog last year, we scrambled and came up with the latest version. Plenty of templates to do whatever I wanted, but I still felt locked into a look...and bored.

While looking through different styles of blog templates for something new, my brother found this blog theme.  He said the desktop version reminded him of a book layout, sort of what my name is all about. And each one of the categories will be the pages of my writings.  How perfect.

We have been working on this for days now...trying to tweak things here and there and find the best photos for how I wanted it to look. As is the case with everything, it is still a work in progress but I wanted to share it with you.

These photos are some of what I have had.  The next grouping is the mobile version of the new page.

The New Blog Page - Mobile Phone, Fully Responsive:

New Blog - Desktop Version:

Super simple and easy to use, each one of the colorful photos represents the blog categories I write under. Mousing over each reveals their name.  I did not make a separate Bath and Body Works Category, but simply Bath and Body.  That way I can write about anything related to that category without devoting it to that brand alone.  

The SHOP category photo launches you into my Mercari account where I will de-stash both Bath and Body Works items as well as extra Rae Dunn items I find.

The SHOP icon in the top bar also launches you into Mercari.

Category Bath & Body.

Click the Photo on the home page.

Click the words Bath & Body, and the latest blogs filled with information are there.

If you prefer, you can use the side menu bar to launch blog categories, as well as other things.  Check that menu bar out too!

 I hope you like this new look as much as we do.  It was a labor of Love putting it together and in doing so, I got to reread many of the posts I have done in the past and saw how much of me was changing. I see where I have been devoting too much time and where other things have been let to slide a bit. 

Everything we do in a day leaves its mark on us, changing us in some way.

I hope that when you visit me here, the mark I leave is a positive one.

Welcome to Life inside the Page.

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Saturday, 16 February 2019

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