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Life Talk | Everyday Small Joys - HomeWorx Candles from Harry Slatkin

Yes, you are looking at a HomeWorx three wick candle by Harry Slatkin.  It's fragrance partner, Deck the Halls is sitting next to me. Unlit, it is filling my space with the scent of the holidays with the wax being warmed just by the evenings temperatures - I am lost in the fragrance memories it conjures on cold.  I cannot wait until I light them tomorrow.













No, the person who received my QVC purchase in error Monday did NOT do the honorable thing and return to me what was mine.  I don't understand it, but it is on their heart.

Yesterday's post about these was one part silliness at myself at the exhausted behavior at 1am of my scouring the hydrangeas and flower bushes looking for my "wax babies" ordered in July and one part disappointment that not only did I not get something I was so looking forward to and someone else did...but I had to wonder about my personal info.

I had to call QVC again today to remove and change some information on my account to try to ensure no damage could be done in my name because of the info on the invoice. And they assured me next week I will get what I ordered.

Ugh, Next Week???  Being a woman is hard enough...I can't be expected to be Patient Too!

Today after taking care of my father in law and going to two doctors visits with him  I came home to find a package on my porch.  Yes, My Porch! {I guess that secret UPS beacon I installed on the roof was working.}

And this time the tears were of joy that someone thought so much of me to make sure I had something to make me smile this week. 

Small Joys.

I am a faithful person.  Don't get me wrong I suffer with how I think things should be and I am surprised most times at how they are not.  And in times when I recognize I need to be more patient and trust that my needs {and wants} will be fulfilled, not necessarily when I think they should be, I am shown over and over again to have faith.  In people and in life.

Small Joys.

That is what I hope for each day.  Just a small joy. 

Ten years ago, next Thursday all I could hope for was to Breathe.  Each moment to the next. And I did. We did.

So when I say I am so moved and so thankful for this kindness and generosity, it comes from deep inside a grateful heart.

Today's Small Joy...



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Monday, 22 October 2018

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