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Life Talk | Halloween Thoughts

It is cold here today. Forty degree-ish cold here.  I was frozen working outside in the yard earlier trying to get more of the garden pretties put away before the snow comes.  We have had snow on Halloween before and for how cold it felt out in the sun dragging pots of wilting flowers underneath the dogwood tree...I half expected to see a flake or two.


The streets are quiet tonight. Not many trick or treaters and hopefully not too many mischief makers. I spent the evening thinking...and writing a bit about my gift from Bath and Body Works...all while gorging myself on the AMC Fearfest Halloween marathon. I am full up on Lori Strode and Michael Meyers - burp....that's better.


Why is it the weirdest of things sometimes comfort us?  Halloween you will find me watching the old Horror movies...Karloff...Lugosi... Lon Chaney Jr..  Add in a Halloween Movie marathon....and I am ready with popcorn in hand.  These new fangled - cut every one to bits, sinister - not in my mind ever - who thinks of this crap - kinds of movies scare me with the previews....I am not paying to pee myself in public.  Okay, the scream queen just cut off her brothers head FINALLY in Halloween ya, that was sorta gross.  But good news, Jamie Lee Curtis promises us "One More" trip to Haddonfield in 2018.  I guess they will be sewing Mikie's head back on?  Or will Jamie Finally take the knife into her own hands?  Muahhhhahaha.




If you read my previous post then you know that Bath and Body Works sent me a generous gift today for being a devoted fan of their brand.  They sent them out to a few other social media fans of the brand as well I saw and I was thrilled to be included in this gifting.


Last Monday morning they contacted me via my Instagram account asking for my address to send out something special for the Holiday season.  I was going to share that in the evening...but if you remember when I came home...we found our neighbor had passed away in her home.


I was and have been pretty shook up over it...still until today.  She was our neighbor for over 23 years and made us crazy for a good many of those years.  But she also was a friend too and it is very different knowing she is not there.  


A week had passed and no obituary was ever placed in the paper. Day after day and no one missed this poor woman.  Her mom is in a nursing home in town but she is in her 90's and not in good health herself. I don't know if she even knew.


Finally, Friday the Coroner put an ad in the newspaper looking for information of family. Even more sad.  I gave the police officers all of the information that we knew but I think they were hoping for someone to claim the body.


Yesterday, I called the coroner to make sure they had all of the information and I was told they did, her son called. Hmmm.  Mary did not have any children. None. I made sure and told the clerk and she said someone claimed to be her son and the coroner has that information now.


I see the window blind still twisted and contorted in the front window,  a result of the police trying to get to help her...and the pile of yellowed newspapers stacked now in the corner of her porch slowly melting with every passing day. The yardsmen came and cut her grass one last time for the season and it appears to be business as usual.... yet...she still waits.


My faith allows me to believe that she is in the comforting arms of a creator, yet I am saddened by the lack of completion.  And I am concerned at what is next to come in the house next to me.


There were so many lessons learned this past summer with the caring, and the continued care, of my father in law...someone elderly.  This is another lesson learned for someone much younger and living alone.  The things we take for granted and left without a thought and undone are as important as everything else we encounter in a day. Maybe even moreso.


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Saturday, 16 February 2019

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