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Life Talk | Life is a Circus

Life.... is a Circus.

There are Ringmasters keeping you focused and there are Acrobats and Tightrope Walkers distracting you. The worst thing I find in the the clown.  He is the deceiver...

And Life, is full of clowns.

I sit here tonight, green desk light illuminating the keys in my quiet office as I transfer my recent days through my fingers into the keys.  My fingers are cold.  Our walk around the property in the dark tonight chilled me to the bones.  Where is a good hot flash when you need one.


My Life Talks recently have been mostly about our neighbor and tonight will be no different.  And I feel the need to say more because there is more.  More happening here now that boggles my mind at the audacity at mental thought patterns of some. Clowns.


Who does these kinds of things?  I really want to get close enough to look them in the eye to see if there is anything in there to explain to me these behaviors.  Then I want to punch them....really hard.


I saw the man who killed Angeline up close...and he was just another me first,  asshole. Probably was one his entire life and I could have lived a hundred lives never to have known him...but that was not my choice it would seem.


I, like mostly everyone, deal with people on a daily basis. I can tolerate most things...and I have a limit on the nonsense meter that some love pushing me to.  But dead people?  I have no limit.  Leave...them...alone.


Monday, October 23rd, we found our neighbor dead.  When the police were leaving after hours of whatever it was they were doing in there we asked them if they secured the home.  It is a smaller home between mine and the matching other neighbors house.  She has a long yard and a garage.  The officers responded as best they could.


We told them we were concerned about two things. Squatters and fire.


It seems, "as best we could" means we left it all unlocked.


I am not a law enforcement officer rumbling around all of that time in her home, I would think you should locate her purse for her ID and her KEYS!!!  And maybe...just maybe lock the place up and when someone claims her...give them those things.


I mentioned no obit was written because, no one claimed her.  Fifty-five years old and no one came. Friday, October 27th, the Coroner put an ad on the Obit page looking for her family.  We knew that was going to be the beginning.  And it was.


The beginning of my numerous calls to 911.


Friday I noticed the front window blinds that were open with the living room light shining through were suddenly closed.  The front bedroom window they climbed through and twisted all up was still ...twisted up.


Her front gate was opened and I mentioned it to hubby and he said I should call the local police department...which I did at 2pm. It was a recording where you need to leave a message and I did so explaining the circumstances.  I received a return call sometime later asking what I needed and was told the second shift would stop by.


They never came.


The town is gone wild here...I get it.... I am not reporting my kitty is in a tree...I am reporting someone is in her home.


Saturday morning before 9 am we can hear what sounds like furniture our homes are so close together, the noise traveled easily in the morning quiet.


Wondering  what I should do I looked out front and saw the gate cracked open again after I closed it.  Now the upstairs attic light is on and the blind up there was pulled up.

Did you ever get the creeps as if someone was watching you even if you can't see them?  The hair on my neck went up and I went into the house.  My security cameras showed as soon as I did...a car pulled up in from of Mary's home....someone jumped into it, while leaving the gate wide open now...and it drove off.


The worst part?  It was Mary's car!


A call to the police who checked it out and They told me to CALL them when someone is in there.  I told them I did.  Asked when and I said Friday and was told second shift would come and never did.  They left telling us they left the front door unlocked and to call 911 again if there is anyone around.


Monday, October 30th.

 I called the Coroner's Office to make sure the officers relayed the family information and I was told yes, they knew the mother was in the nursing home here, and her SON contacted them.  Whomever answered the phone could care less about my telling them she had NO children. I know someone is in the house, coming and going...but I have yet to see them...only hear them.


Wednesday, November 1st.

The front gate was open again....(when I mention that, it is because her gate has a distinctive noise it makes when you open it so these CLOWNS are opening it and leaving it ajar as to not to draw attention to themselves) And now the front window blind is messed up with boxes or junk stacked against it.  The front bedroom blind is now lowered...and the two lights are still on.


Debating on what I should do, we heard an ambulance come up the street on a call and when the police were done with assisting that, I asked them to come talk with us. These officers took it very seriously and radioed for back up and three officers went into her home...through the open....front ...door.


No one was in there and what they shared with me blew me away and I don't need to share that....but it affected me being a friend/neighbor for years.  You never know what someone is going through....

They locked the front door on the way out and told us to keep an eye on the house because something is going on in there.




Thursday, November 2nd.

We are getting ready to leave for the day and my husband yells, they are carrying things out of the back door...walking down the yard!  I get on the phone with 911 telling them what is going on these past days and the guys go into the garage...start her car and pull out speeding up the alleyway.  The 911 operator is asking  do I know her licence number.  Um no... She tells me she will dispatch someone.


Barn door open....cows are gone.


The audacity!


Our phone rings and it's the backyard adjoining yard neighbor...also in law enforcement and he tells us these clowns waved to him as he was sitting in his kitchen watching them come out the back door!!!


He came over and was telling us and the police everything he saw...They carried out a huge garbage bag of things and a open box....filled.  And they took her car.


The word is out.  The house is open and no one is stopping them.


This time the two officers went into the back door ( which was closed and never used for the 23+ years we are here. Mary had a kitchen cart in front of it and never used it.)  Tossed outside of the door was her items in boxes that look like she just ordered things and they were stealing them.


The officers came back out of the back door and told us again, call if we see them in the house.  Well, it is frustrating to us too that it takes so long for a response.  He told me they were on another call.  All of you?  The entire department consists of two men?  Please. 

He said the front door was now locked and barricaded by whomever is in there, so he locked the back door up.


Um...they have her the car/house.


All of the neighbors started comparing notes and who saw what and these clowns are being seen off and on...but they get out before anyone arrives.


At 2pm yesterday, while we were gone, a car was seen on surveillance cameras by the neighbor's wife, just running in the alleyway behind Mary's home at her garage.  A woman and a child was inside of it and the neighbor got his badge and car and blocked the running car in.  A different clown than the one seen earlier was carrying more from the house, saw the neighbor and ran into the running car, got around the car blocking him and started a high speed chase through the city while the neighbor was on with 911.  He got away. There was no license plate on this car.




This isn't any of her family doing this.  No one came to claim her...none of the cousins nor the son.  The neighbor said he is personal friends with the coroner and was told she lay in cold storage until the state will decide what is to become of her.  She does own a grave plot. Her property will be state sold.  Both the mother and aunt have dementia and Alzheimers so there is nothing they can do.


We walked around our home last night and saw every light is on in the house now.  They got back in at sometime and cleared out the boxes of items on the back steps.  We aren't sure if the car was returned to the garage, we can't see through the butterfly bushes into the window.


Today...November 3rd.

The attic blind is now down...and all lights are still on in the house...front and back. They got back in again and gone.  A few of us neighbors in the block are keeping a watchful eye and while I didn't fall asleep until after 4:30am last night for many reasons, I can't sit staring out a window waiting.


But how can you win over these Clowns?  The deceivers. And who does this kind of thing?  Take religion and hell fires out of the, jail?  Hello...criminal behavior.

You read this and wonder...why do I care so much.  

Are we not our brother's keeper?  I may have failed some things in her life but I don't think ignoring what is right is the answer after her death.

That...and I hate Clowns.


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