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Life Talk | Winter Storm Liam

When Punxsatawny Phil saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter he got to crawl back into his Groundhog hole and do whatever Groundhogs do...he doesn't get to play with winter storms.  Lucky Groundhog.

Winter Storm Liam made his way through the area today causing schools and businesses to close as he dumped bunches of heavy, wet snow for hours this morning and sleet and freezing rain later this afternoon.  I know it was freezing rain because I was quite frozen and soaked to the bone as I tried to clear the eight inches of snow before it turned to heavier slush.  Apparently, a goose feather winter coat is not water resistant at all. Who Knew!

I was able to clear my neighbors' sidewalks before the heavy sleet fell....and before I ran out of gas in the snowblower.  Everything is iced over in the photo. And cars trying to drive the streets today were sliding out of control.  I changed out of my soaked clothes and stayed put. 

Phil, next year give me a call.  I will give you some tips on avoiding that whole seeing your shadow scene. ;)
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Friday, 25 May 2018

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