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I saw a video that has been making its way around social media since Friday and to say that it is disturbing is an understatement. I just need to write out my thoughts because it reminds me of something that has bothered me for a long time.

If you are a regular shopper at Bath and Body Works stores you know that there are days that you shop and you see only one store worker on duty ( single coverage ) . They open the store and in a few hours they are joined by their other team members. But for those hours in the morning, they are alone.   As an onlooker, it appears that when sales are slower, the hours don't usually go very far to have extra people on the floor for slower sales times. And that is crazy scary.

Seeing this practice often at my local stores I had remarked to a friend that it didn't seem very safe.  Our mall is very quiet when it opens and there aren't many people around.  She said that she only ever had one instance that scared her and she ran out the back door. (leaving the store unattended)  

I have worked retail and I have encountered many uncomfortable situations that made me glad that I was surrounded with others to help if I needed it.  When you are on a sales floor you are sometimes at the mercy of customers with no where to run.  Be it amorous advances or the frustrated shopper that thinks screaming at you is the answer no one really expects things to turn terrible until they do.

The video I saw showed two women going into a Bath and Body Works store in Paris, Texas.  One was recording on her cell phone as the other went through the door first.  There was one customer visible shopping the $3.95 Shower Gel sale and the first woman went up to the only (visible) worker and began physically attacking her.  With several punches thrown, the aggressor still hitting the worker took the fight over to the candle table and continued to beat the store worker in the head as candles smashed beneath and all around her.  In the forty seconds the attack took from the beginning of the video to the end, the aggressor cast the beaten store worker off to the side onto the floor like a disposed of rag doll. The aggressor walked past the stunned customer and left.

I know my mouth was open after viewing this horror and I said to my husband who was viewing it with me..."why didn't her co-workers come up to see her, help her...something."  The sounds of the crashing glass is deafening they had to have heard it.  And that poor customer, Oh my Gosh.  I can't even imagine.

Here is a link to the story I found now as I write. I didn't get to read it all.

I don't know the circumstances of why this happened, and really there is nothing that can justify assaulting another person. Was the anger felt so intense that you needed to do it so publicly at the persons job and have it recorded???  and then shared all over social media???

Shaking my head.

My question is this.  What will change as far as Bath and Body Works and single coverage situations?  

What should workers expect regarding their safety?  This looked like it was a store in a strip mall not a mall store so could something like this happen more in that situation rather than a regular mall? 

Of course we cannot predict something like this happening.  But with the world being it what it is, have we not yet learned valuable lessons to help make things a little better?  

*Update: Monday, November 19, 2018

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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

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