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Life Writings | Dollar Tree Store Fairy Garden Selection


If you like the whimsical fun from Fairy Gardens then The Dollar Store has something for you. 

Be sure to check out your local Dollar Tree Stores as they are beginning to set the spring goodies for the garden.  One of the best value items I think is the end cap filled with Fairy Garden themed products.  Both lose house pieces and carded miniatures, there is so much value here with items to make your heart smile.  A great selection to choose from with even glass holders for the pieces and greenery.

These are also a great add on surprises if you give plants and flowers as gifts.

Most of the stores around my area are already picked out but I happened to find one store with a full end cap.  I grabbed a bunch of pieces to uses both indoors and out, and the reindeer moss, raffia, flat and rounded mosses are also included!

I really wanted the camper set up and while I found the gnomes and little signs and critters the camper itself eluded me in six stores.  I finally went onto The Dollar Tree site and ordered them to be delivered to my local store one day next week.  No Shipping Charges! How great is that!  The only thing that concerns me is when you order online it shows the full compliment of pieces for the camper set up and you must order a minimum of five pieces...which I think is the whole set up.  Some of which I already found.  I don't think I am getting five campers...but whatever I get I know will be great as I can use them as gifts for my great niece, niece and friends granddaughter.

I will share the order experience when it arrives.

Because these are all mass produced the paint job on them is not always so perfect so I think I will take a brush to them and tweak them a bit. A very tiny brush at that. I will share that too.  

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Saturday, 25 May 2019

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