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Life Writing's | Putting the T in Transparency

Social Media is a vicious Bitch.  Not as vicious as I am - or so I am told... but you do what you can do...

My days are beyond busy as I am sure everyone's are now with the holidays nipping at our heels. November is here!  How can this be?  Time to start Christmas Shopping - Time to put up the tree!  Well, my four trees are up since October so at least that is off of my plate now.

I am so behind in what I want to write and share that I try not to let it bother me and I just focus my time on doing what I can in getting out the brand information that I think is important. 

And tonight's quick post is more of a comment / answer posting than anything else.  So here we go.

1. You are Rude.  -  Yes, only when I need to be. If you poke a bear long enough, you will feel its teeth...and its paw.

2. You are too old for Pettiness. -  Wow...when did 54 become too old?  

3. You don't know diddly squat. -  I do know diddly....but I think squat left when I got old.

4. You can't handle two people disagreeing with you.  - I come from a very large Italian family so that is really funny. 

5. You don't review candles, you just take photos of items in store, and what you bought, and get them sent to you and beg people to borrow their photo.  Basically most times jumping on the back of other peoples findings. -  

- I share my information.  I share what others send me.  I do ask permission to those who find things I haven't seen so I can share with the COMMUNITY of those who love the same brands I do.  Begging?  Not so much, I don't think, but that sounds more like a skewed point of view from a hater so....okay if you think I beg I will beg to share information as well as give other Instagram profiles recognition.  COMMUNITY.  My Facebook and Instagram page is dedicated to getting information out so we ALL can informed...see things....  Keep in mind I can keep it all to myself....on a private page.  Which I have done for sometime back in 2007 - 2010 before entering this circus of Social Media and opening myself and my pages up for public ridicule.  As for candle reviewing... when I am sent items to review for a brand I dedicate the time to make sure I do burn every candle and review it -honestly .  My personal burns are my own since some have such little regard for me anyway, why bother.

6. Transparency -  Here's the thing: I must share everything when I receive items from a brand that I am going to talk about, and review.  I cannot give a BS line of Here's my Haul and let anyone assume I paid for something when I did not. That, apparently is the rule so I do it.

Others who do YouTube Videos (well before 2014 when some brands finally put a stop to it)  have done "hauls" with items that were sent to them from these brands and not purchased.  But there were test stores out there so no one would even think to question how they had something early to talk about.  And it was never revealed.  Maybe something that is different from blogging and Vlogging...I don't know, YouTube is not my thing.  My issue with it now is if you proclaim you're so transparent then BE transparent about everything.  Not just when it suits you.  But we are human.

And one last thought.  If a brand, any brand...not a specific brand....if a brand treats you royally...lavishes you with their merchandise above everyone else, invites you on an all expense paid trip to New York for you and a friend and you get the red carpet treatment and get to see behind the Green Curtain....wouldn't you think anything that you had been miffed about would be discussed privately?  Because the discussing it anywhere else causes a storm...that is turning into a tsunami.

If this was me....and it wasn't, I would have stated my reasons to the proper people... and the result would be the result...and then I am off to feel however I may about the brand.  Yet still grateful for the kindness. But I couldn't say one thing after without having the whole thing explained. And maybe I would have shared that incredible experience too.

No one wants to feel left out of something they love,..sure, but no one likes a slap in the face either.   

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Sunday, 16 June 2019

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