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Target: Bullseyes Playground Purchases - January 3, 2019

I took another trip out of town to see if my Target store put out any more of the new collections for January and here is some of what they had.  I will update my Target posting with all of the new I found, but didn't purchase.

​My store didn't yet have completely filled sections of new, but it was hard not to grab everything to fill up my cart.  There are still a few things missing from the winter cocoa/coffee bar section and there are some table runners yet to come out that I want.

I grabbed the black lantern in this wire pattern over glass. It is heavy, and perfect for tealight candles ( battery or wax) for any time of year.  Of course I didn't pass up on the sets of two tea towels.  You can never have enough decorative towel and I am loving the shades of green in this style selection.  They are offered in sets of two for $3.00.  

There are matching napkins available in sets of four for $3.00.  I will be using these for decor on my dining room table that I keep set all year long.

The Valentine's Day gift bag assortment comes with tissue paper and a tag all for $1.00.  I think there are twelve styles available but I just grabbed these two different styles for now.

I am a planner gal and the sticker books they are offering in the Stationary section of the playground are perfect for beginning your 2019 planner books. Priced at only $3 each, I grabbed these two styles.  Each book has twelve sheets of sticker offerings. 

From the cocoa / coffee bar section that is coming I found the disposable cups in the cute cup with hearts and snowflakes pattern. Priced at $3 you get ten cups with lids.  Also in that section was the two versions of label stickers for jars.  I grabbed one of each of the white lettering and black lettering.  I don't know what I will use them on yet but for $1.00 it was worth having.

Those two heart shaped pillows were $5.00 each and the sequins on these is hard to capture.  They are white with an iridescent that change to a pinkish color when moved.  The camera caught them more as a blue color which is great too since I thought they looked very Mermaid like when I first saw them.  I plan on gifting these with other mermaid themed products to a few little's I know.  As you can see the back is a pink fabric.

And the last two things I grabbed were a ceramic bowl and a pillow with the saying, "Love grows best in houses just like this."  The pillow cost was $5.00 and the bowl $3.00

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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

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