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Target: Bullseyes Playground Purchases - January 11, 2019

I ran through, yes, literally ran ( before a doctors appointment)...through bullseyes playground looking for a few more items that I have been missing out on my weekly visits to Target and I found a few more items on my list!

Here is what I grabbed on this visit...​

Being a lover of Nature, how could my favorite color not be green?  I did grab the off-white colored pitcher on an earlier visit and with this being the only green one left, I snagged it.  Flaws and all.  This is cheaply made pottery that I plan to use for decor only so I am not too fussy about the flaws.  Plus, it matches my Pflatzgraff Naturewood Pattern pieces perfectly.

The birds were finally in stock so I grabbed a few of each color...not noticing that they are not all facing the same way.  Even better.  After the doctors appointment and lunch, I went back to Target and they were GONE.  

The sole mini coffee bar sign for $1 was this made with love and it has a huge flaw in the center of some of the letters.  Nothing that a fine point sharpie couldn't fix.  This matches one of the towel sets I have. This entire coffee bar area is always empty and finding anything is only by luck.

And finally the table runners.  The three or so patterns they are coming in were there but I was only interested in the green stripes so I grabbed the three that they had. They are 12" wide by 50" long and perfect for what I need them for.  I hope to find a few more for backups as I think they can be used anytime of year.   When I went back the second time, all of the runners were a matter of a few hours.

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Target: Bullseyes Playground Finds - January 11, 2...


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Monday, 21 January 2019

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