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“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.” – William H. Gass

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A Absolute Bath & Body Works fan who writes a blog for both men and women covering various topics including photography, gardening, cooking, arts and crafts .

Who am I here....On Social Media

Twice on YouTube I heard my Blog Name shared from friends of my page but they also mentioned they were a bit confused as to what Name I go by lately.

After hearing it this second time now, I thought I would make a post to sort of clear things up....since I didn't know there was confusion about it.


And let me say I truly appreciate anyone who shares my posts to different groups and gives me a shout out when they are sharing what they know on their channel. 

For those that follow me and know...I will be brief--


When I was sharing just Bath and Body Works information on a blog way back when...I wrote under the name:

Bath and Body Works Insiders   (this was even before B&BW had an insiders program).


When I decided to buy a URL name to have better control over a blog, my posts and comments...etc., I chose:

Life Inside the Page .com


Because I wanted to share about many things in my life, not just my obsession with bath and body works.

I got those Facebook, Instagram...Twitter ...and Pinterest social media names and away I wrote.


What I did find was that those looking for Bath and Body Works Information couldn't find me easily and that specific info unless they knew to look for me.


When they typed "Bath and Body Works" into the search bars...My social media pages weren't there.


So I decided to create a separate- 

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Page for Bath and Body Works Daily Finds....

*the place I share what I find out Daily about bath and body works.


My Blog is still: Life Inside the Page

filled with all of the posts about bath and body works as well as other things I write about.


I do have a

Instagram Page Life Inside the Page


Pinterest Page Life Inside the Page


Twitter Page for Life Inside the Page


BUT for My DAILY info postings of Bath and Body Works....


I Post on my FACEBOOK Bath and Body Works Daily Finds 

 any b&bw blog posts are shared here too

INSTAGRAM Bath and Body Works Daily Find

Twitter Bath and Body Works Daily Finds 


I am Tess, the blogger behind Life Inside the Page who shares bath and body works information as @bathandbodyworksdailyfinds too!

Be sure to follow me because you never know what I may share!




* Oh, For additional savings, be sure to do what I do before I visit any shopping site on the web...EBATES. I love getting paid to shop.

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Thursday, 21 February 2019

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