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Expedition: Pottery | Today's Rae Dunn Finds - Pink Dot on Clearance

Today's Rae Dunn Find - The Beautiful Pink Dot Collection...on CLEARANCE.....

I have been seeing bunches of Rae Dunn Pink Dot pieces filling shelves since they first were found coming for the Easter season and while I do love the long letter collectibles, these were just too pretty to not take a second look at.  I thought if I didn't want them I could always sell them off but the more I found, the more I loved them.   

They were on the shelves with the Yellow Dot, Blue Dot and Green Dot pieces and I wondered why there were so many of these collections that seemed to be unloved.  I didn't get the Pink Dot sugar and cream yet and this week I was tempted to when I found them out of town...but I waited. Hoping with fingers crossed that I wouldn't lose the chance to have them to go along with my Teapot.

What a fun find today to see that the Pink Dot joined the other colors (Dot Collection) on the Clearance rack in TJMaxx stores!!

Also on the Clearance Rack:

Red Check Print (all pieces)

Blue Check Print ( all pieces)

Blue Stripe (pajama stripes) Mugs

Blue Stripe Platter

Blue Rings Platter

Plus many other items including glassware.  The workers were beeping away as I shopped and kept adding more to the shelves and I grabbed these few things listed below and left. I thought I read that the Pink Dot was seen out yesterday on sale but when I saw today's cart with them regular price stickered I wandered away.  It wasn't until the worker put a sugar bowl in front of me on the clearance shelf that I knew for sure they were and I had her beep the other goodies I wanted.

What I noticed on the shelf was the Pink Dot Teapot now reads Tea Time.  Mine Reads Pour

And the Butter Dish reads Butter Me Up.  I passed on the butter dish.  I use a plastic one for obvious reasons... I drop things.

Today I purchased the Sweet and Pour (cream and sugar for $4.50 each)

The Yum Canister was $12.00. The large Home Sweet Home ( can be used for anything or fork, knife and spoon or plants) on a tray was $16.00.

These are what I had already collected at full price.

The Mixing Bowl ( middle sized bowl in the Dot Collection with Blue Dot and Yellow Dot)

Four Mugs

Six Bowls

Five Ovals 

Two Treat Canisters

One Pour Teapot

I passed on the spoon rest, that is now on clearance too. The Bunny came from TJMaxx too!

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Saturday, 18 August 2018

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