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$5.00 Labor Day Blog Sale

September 7, 2015

Hello And Welcome to my  LABOR DAY Sale.
I really appreciate all of the support I have had on thinning out my excess in the past and as I am going through more things so I am posting them here once again for sale.
Terms of my Sale:
This is the current sale and all previous sale posts and prices are no longer active.
This sale is on a first come first serve basis so don't delay if you really want something. I cannot hold items, I'm sorry....
New items will be added daily so check back often.
items are available to all US residents only at this time.
The prices for each of the items is below the photo and are non-negotiable
All items are brand new, with tags unless noted otherwise
There are numerous categories of items that will be available.
All cosmetic bags are sold empty, no fragrance is included unless otherwise mentioned.
If you find something you like, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your list ( just copy and paste my description so I know what you want) and your ZIP CODE and I will get you a shipping cost. I need that zip code to get a shipping total.
Buyers pay all shipping costs including the paypal fee. I do ship US mail either first class parcel or Priority Mail.
You will then get a Paypal invoice that is payable upon receipt and I will get your items immediately sent out to you. SERIOUS BUYERS only please. 
If you ask for a shipping cost and you feel its too much,  please let me know if your uninterested in the item, as there may be others waiting for it.
All items are packaged extremely well and I do take photographs of my packaging.  Packages are insured up to $50 from the postal service and any additional insurance is up to the buyer to request at the time of purchase.
I am going through things to be offered at this price and I will be adding them throughout the day, so please check back.
-paris amour body wash - 2 available $5.00 each
-Japanese cherry blossom creamy body wash - $5.00
-Victoria's secret fresh sorbets chilled lychee and pink honeysuckle body wash and scrub- 2
   available $5.00 each
-white citrus super charged body scrub - 4 available $5.00 each

-strawberry sparkler body lotion - 2 available, $5.00 each
-jingle belini body lotion - $5.00
-twisted peppermint body lotion - 3 available $5.00 each
-white citrus body lotion - 2 available, $5.00 each
-forever sunshine body lotion $5.00
-capi seaside citrus body lotion $5.00
-sweet cinnamon pumpkin body lotion - 3 available, $5.00 each
-cotton blossom body lotion $5.00
-wild citrus sunflower body lotion $5.00
-Beautiful day body lotion and shower gel $5.00 each
brown sugar and fig body lotion $5.00
-summer coconut vanillas body lotion $5.00
Eau De Parfum:
endless weekend - $5.00
French lavender - 5 available $5.00 each
wild Madagascar vanilla - 2 available, $5.00 each
morocco orchid and pink amber - 2 available, $5.00 each
a thousand wishes - $5.00
-forever midnight - 2 available, $5.00 each and whomever buys both can have
the boxed insider samples of men/woman for free. mens is full to the top and the
womans has some in, was never full.
-forever red vanilla rum $5.00

Eau de Toilette:
-beautiful day - 2 available, $5.00 each
-amber blush $5.00

-twisted peppermint (bear label) body lotion -2 available, $5.00 each
-amber blush shimmer mist - $5.00
-jingle belini shimmer mist $5.00
-strawberry sparkler shimmer mist - 2 available, $5.00 each
-velvet sugar shimmer bomb $5.00
-beautiful day 5 ounce swirl gel lotion, $5.00
-ulta one upon a time ginger cookie- 3 in 1 shower/shampoo/bubblebath
16oz. $5.00
-ulta clock struck midnight pumpkin latte -3 in 1 shower/shampoo/bubblebath
16oz. $5.00
-fairest of them all apple cobbler -3 in 1 shower/shampoo/bubblebath
16oz. $5.00
-sweet cinnamon pumpkin whipped shimmer body cream $5.00
-twisted peppermint whipped shimmer body cream $5.00
Body Creams:
-forever midnight $5.00
-wild Madagascar vanilla $5.00
-twisted peppermint $5.00
-vanilla wish and apple fizz $5.00
-Georgia peach and sweet tea $5.00
-bourbon strawberry and vanilla $5.00
Golden Sugar Scrub:
-Japanese cherry blossom $5.00
-coconut summer vanilla spray $5.00
-victorias secret passionate kisses cherry vanilla body lotion and spray $5.00 each
-victorias secret sunrise mist $5.00
-victorias secret beach mist $5.00
-victorias secret escape mist $5.00
-victorias secret fresh sorbets chilled lychee and pink honey suckle - 2 available $5.00 each
All Wallflowers: $5.00 each
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We know these are all top quality name brand beauty items, and I am not sure why
I purchased these colors but here they are and I will sell them for way
less than I paid just to give them a good home to be used because, really, who
wants to see me in pink eye shadow.  ;)
Each item is $5.00
Bath & Body Works Lippies: $5.00 each
liplicious FORBIDDEN APPLE Halloween $5.00
liplicious berry belini  $5.00
liplicious Oahu coconut sunset $5.00
liplicious maui mango surf $5.00
liplicious Love and Sunshine $5.00  (3 available)
liplicious sparkling plum $5.00
a thousand wishes $5.00
Ice Crystals dazzle licious frosted grape $5
liplicious sweet cinnamon pumpkin $5.00
CO Bigelow merry menthe gingerbread latte $5.00
winter candy apple (bear) $5.00
winter candy apple (snowman) $5.00
twisted peppermint cocoa (girl) $5.00
twisted peppermint cocoa bear) $5.00
twisted peppermint Berry $5.00 
twisted peppermint (polar bear) $5.00
twisted peppermint (sweater) $5.00
twisted peppermint (snowman candy cane) $5.00
twisted peppermint (fox) $5.00
  twisted peppermint marshmallow $5.00
Victoria's Secret Lippies:
sun set luscious $5.00
 sunset punch love $5.00
sun set berry juicy $5.00
sun set orange rush $5.00
prismatic kiss magic apple $5.00
prismatic kiss berridescent $5.00
prismatic kiss wildberry lights $5.00 
beauty rush sunset kiss twisted citrus $5.00
beauty rush sunset kiss tropical escape $5.00
beauty rush sunset kiss lemon berry
 sexy kiss aphrodisiac gloss decadent berry $5.00

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Travel silicone holders for OLDER bottles-
2 bells
1 red
1 pink strap  all $5.00 each
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** travel size bottle silicone holders for NEW
Holiday red/candy peppermint $5
blue snowflake $5
green bow $5
Photo is loading
** travel size bottle silicone holders for NEW size
summer turtle $5
sunglass blue handle $5
sunglass pink holder $5
Photo is loading
** travel size bottle silicone holders for NEW
holiday blue bow
holiday pink bow
holiday red bow $5.00 each
Photo is loading
** travel size bottle silicone holders for NEW
summer holders $5.00 each
pink flower, pineapple, orange flower
All of my pocketbac holders were purchased at regular prices not SAS clearance
and are all genuine BBW holders not no names from China sellers. I was asked if mine
were genuine and I wanted to make sure I posted that they are.
Light Ups-
monkey with banana
raccoon with striped scarf
penguin wrapped in lights
pink owl with light pink eyes/chain
smarty cat with glasses wrapped in lights
pink reindeer
pink owl yellow eyes/chain
pink owl yellow eyes and bow/chain
turq. blue owl with lime green eyes
turq owl with white around eyes
pink jellyfish
green jellyfish
light set with bow
sunglasses with chain
coral color seahorse on gold metallic/chain
elephant with light up presents
octopus with crown and starfish
grey robot
penguin with blue winter cap
white dog red collar
lady bug
pink purse with flap that opens
snail pulley
bee on flower pulley
green lace floral with gold chain
pink lace floral with gold chain
orange fox with bow
red/orange fox with pink cheeks
sock monkey
monkey with pink flower on head
panda bear
mouse with tutu
white bear with red scarf and candy
golden dog with blue collar
penguin with red earmuffs
bees on honeycomb/chain
pink with sheep
snowman with bell
hard plastic turq snowman water globe
frog prince
snowflake on blue
pink penguin with bow scarf and gem
pink penguin with bow and feet
hula girl
smarty bear with glasses and lime bow
pink penguin with eyes closed and red bow/feet
blue monkey with lime green glasses
cabana house on beach with ball
hippo hula girl with flower
hippo with gem tooth
dalmation dog
grey elephant with pink bow
gold fish on pink holder
pineapple with glasses
snowgirl with pink hat and red pompom
white sparkly
black sparkly
happy on gold metallic with gold chain
pink sweater
red sweater
dk teal blue sweater
green sweater
surf with chain and char
be happy with chain and charm
sunglasses with chain and charm
Email me with a scent your looking for and if I have it available it is $5.00. I can't drag all that I have out again to photograph each one.  I can email the pictures for serious buyers. The facebook link shows some of what I have.
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"It's beginning to look a lot like...Christmas" | ...


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