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ARCHIVE - 2012 in Review

2012 candles

-------A work in progress-----

2012 American Boardwalk Collection:    
  • beach cabana
  • Oceanside
  • seashore
  • root beer float
  • sun tan
  • white sand
  • beach grass
  • ice cream shop
  • summer boardwalk
  • salt water taffy
Paris Amour
French Baguette
Café Au lait
Sweet Macron

2012 The good life collection:
  • hope
  • flirt
  • love
  • refresh
  • relief
  • happy
  • peace
  • smile
  • passion

2012 AROUND THE GLOBE DESTINATION COLLECTION: (tour the world with fragrance)
  • London calling-tea and lemon
  • meet me in Tahiti-white sands and vanilla flower
  • new york new york-the big apple
  • paris day dream-city of love
  • Moroccan market-amber and incense
  • carribean escape-cocktails and coconuts

  • 2012 Tropical Carnaval Collection:
    • aloha vanilla
    • sunrise lagoon -
    • mango beach wood .
    • coco lobo-
    • tiki beach
    • jungle kiss -
    • passion flower -
    • seaside escape -
    • sea spray-
    • tropical spice- 
    • coconut leaves
    • white palm -

    2012  Fresh Picked collection:
    • market peach- .
    • mango cilantro-
    • gingham apple -
    • wild strawberry -
    • lemon mint leaf -
    • sage cucumber- 
    • summer watermelon-
    • tomato garden
    • garden mint
    • pineapple mango
    • honeydew and thyme
    • frosted cupcake

    2012 drink collection:
    • raspberry sun tea
    • pineapple punch
    • island colada
    • paradise daiquiri
    • island margarita
    • Malibu smash
    • bahama fizz
    • carribean escape
    • peach belini
    • pineapple punch
    • coconut water

    2012 spring scents collection:
    • orchard petal
    • poppy sunshine
    • first bloom
    • drenched apple flower
    • eucalyptus mint
    • verbena waters
    • flowering dogwood
    2012 spring floral collection:
    • honeysuckle
    • pink tulip
    • spring
    • lilac blossom
    • jcb
    • green grass
    • flower shop
    • sun kissed blossom
    2012 Fall White Barn Autumn Collection:
    • salted caramel
    • black pepper bergamot
    • spice
    • cranberry woods  .
    • leaves
    • mahogany teakwood 
    • white barn #1 nutmeg and spice
    • creamy pumpkin
    • brandied pear -
    • plum wine amber 
    • bonfire Maplewood
    • fresh balsam 
    • marshmallow fireside 
    2012 Slatkin Fall Cider Lane Collection:

    • sweet cinnamon pumpkin
    • cider lane
    • leaves
    • farm stand apple
    • autumn day
    • cranberry harvest
    • autumn

    2012 Fall Coffee Shop Collection:

    • cinnamon sugared donut
    • cinnamon nut bread
    • pumpkin cupcake
    • spiced cider
    • apple crumble
    • pumpkin caramel latte
    Fall test scents:
    • farm apple cookie
    • pumpkin carving
    • blueberry pumpkin patch
    • roasted pumpkin butter
    • cedar wood oak
    • chocolate bacon cupcake
    • sweater weather
    FOREST Line:
    test scents released in November 2012

  • Woodland herb
  • Moss and Cedar Flower
  • Dark Berry & Bark
  • Wild Betiver
  • Black forest Wood
  • Enchanted Woods
  • Red Oak Tree

    Lavender - Bright and crisp fresh-picked lavender combined with sweet jasmine, delicate freesia and a touch of sandalwood

    Orange Clove - A rich and spicy blend of bitter orange, fresh cloves and Bay rum infused with delicate white musk

    Eucalyptus Mint Line:
    (test released November 2012)
    eucalyptus mint
    eucalyptus mint and lilac
    eucalyptus mint and apple
    eucalyptus mint and guava
    eucalyptus mint and herbs
    eucalyptus mint and rain
    eucalyptus  mint and vanilla
    eucalyptus mint and spice

  • twisted peppermint
  • fresh balsam
  • 'tis the season
  • evergreen
  • frosted cranberry
  • winter
  • vanilla snowflake


  •  holiday
  • twinkling night
  • sparkling icicles
  • spiced apple toddy
  • merry mistletoe
  • peach bellini
  • cranberry pear bellini

  • white barn #2 chestnut and clove
  • cashmere
  • snowed in
  • fireside
  • winter nights
  • sandalwood vanilla
  • marshmallow fireside
  • cinnamon and clove bud
  • cranberry woods
  • hot buttered rum
  • balsam fir
  • thanksgiving

  • cinnamon frosting
  • frosted gingerbread
  • merry cookie
  • peppermint mocha
  • sugar and spice
  • toffee crunch
  • twisted peppermint
  • vanilla bean noel
  • winter candy apple

  • 2012 signature

    Paradise  (January)
    • Bali Mango
    • Rio Rumberry
    • Aruba Coconut

    Pink Chiffon (February)

    Signature Collection Vanillas ( March)
    • Lemon Vanilla
    • Apricot Vanilla
    • Berry Vanilla

    Wild Garden  (April)
    • Wild Apple Daffodil
    • Wild Citrus Sunflower
    • Wild Berry Tulips

    Malibu Heat ( May)

    Love,  Love,  Love  (June)

    Paris  (August)
    • Sweet on Paris
    • Paris in Bloom
    • Paris Nights

    Fall Traditions: (September)
    • Brown Sugar & Fig 
    • Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
    • Dreamy Vanilla Woods
    • Honey Autumn Apple

    Cashmere Glow (October)

    Forever Red (November)

    Holiday Traditions  (December)
    • Vanilla Bean Noel
    • Winter Candy Apple
    • Twisted Peppermint
    • Frosted Snowberry
    • Pink Sugarplum
    Sparkling Blackberry Woods ( December)

    3 Cheers Collection  (December)
    • Strawberry Sparkler
    • Vanilla-tini
    • Jingle Bell Belini

    Paris for Men  (December)
    Dark Amber

    Eucalyptus Spearmint
    rays of citrus
    peach citrus
    pomegranate citrus

    2012 soaps



    wildberry hibiscus
    exotic rainforest
    tropical berries
    paradise coconut
    mango mai tai

    Plum Wine Amber
    Pear Chardonnay
    Vanilla Maple Buttercream
    Apple wood Orchard

    Creamy Pumpkin
    Black Cherry Merlot
    Warm Apple Cider
    Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
    Cranberry Harvest
    Vanilla Buttercream




    scary cat (with lights) eerie apple
    jack o lantern -sweet cinn pump
    ghost- warm vanilla sugar
    vampire - plum

    vampire blood
    witch brew berry
    pumpkin sweet cinnamon pumpkin
    graveyard  creamy pumpkin

    I heart watermelon apple
    I heart watermelon cherry
    I heart watermelon basil

    papaya melon scoop
    tropical sorbet float
    mango berry sparkler

    Malibu citrus
    pacific blue
    California poppy


    cilantro peach
    apple lavender
    wildberry daliha
    raspberry pink peony
    strawberry basil


    fresh sparkling snow
    winter cranberry
    candy cane bliss
    iced gingerbread
    holly berry wreath
    sparkling pink champagne
    snow frosted apple

    citrus garland
    cranberry tangerine
    kitchen lemon

    winter candy apple
    vanilla bean noel
    twisted peppermint

    berry twinkle (polar bear on)

    4th of July?

    St. pattys day-
    kiss me i'm irish -apple

    2012 pocket bac

    cilantro peach
    apple lavender
    wildberry daliha
    raspberry pink peony

    2012 home fragrance oil

    bahama fizz
    coconut leaves
    coconut water
    drenched apple flower
    eucalyptus mint
    fresh lemon
    fresh linen
    island colada
    island margarita
    lilac blossom
    market peach
    paris amour
    peach belini
    pineapple mango
    sunrise lagoon
    tiki beach
    tropical spice
    white palm


    2012 home fragrance sprays

    2012 wallflowers

    2012 aromatherapy

    boost tangelo woods
    eucalyptus tea

    A truce
    ARCHIVE - 2013 in Review


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