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Bath and Body Works | March Floor-set | Destination: Paradise Signature Body Care Collection | Best Beach Skin


This March at Bath and Body Works we should be seeing the release of their latest Signature Fragrance Collection

The Paradise Signature Body Care Collection:

At the Beach

Bali Blue Surf

Fiji Pineapple Palm

Oahu Coconut Sunset

Waikiki Beach Coconut


Scent Notes:

At the Beach - White Sands. Warm Sunlight. Fresh waves. A cool, saltwater breeze. Life's more beautiful at the beach.  Key Notes: White Frangipani Blossoms, Toasted Coconut, Bergamot Waters, Sea Salt Breeze, Sunkissed Musk.

Bali Blue Surf - This sparkling, watery fragrance captures the rush of crystal blue waves only found in the breathtaking Bali.  Key Notes: Mandarin Blossom, Sun-kissed Sands, Saltwater Waves, Wild Jasmine, Blonde Driftwood

Fiji Pineapple Palm - This juicy, lush fragrance captures the sweet tropical fruits that thrive in the beautiful rainforests of Fiji. Key Notes: Island Pineapple, Mango Nectar, Palm Leaf, Toasted Sugarcane, White Musk.

Oahu Coconut Sunset - This warm, sensual fragrance captures the glow of a perfect Oahu sunset and the alluring scent of coconut blossoms. Key Notes: Coconut Blossom, Sparkling Bergamot, Beach Tuberose, Hawaiian Monoi, Molten Amber.

Waikiki Beach Coconut - This fresh, beachy fragrance captures an island coconut breeze over the sun-swept white sands of Waikiki. Key Notes: Beach Coconut, Pink Passionflower, Salt water Breeze, Fresh Bamboo, Sun-bleached Woods.

* At the Beach Perfume Preview (available soon)


Available Forms:

Fine Fragrance Mist

Shower Gel

Body Lotion

Body Cream

Aloe Gel Lotion

Travel Shea and Vitamin E Shower Gel

Travel Fragrance Mist

Travel Body Cream

Sand and Sea Salt Scrub



Paradise Hand Soap Collection

Maui Mango Mai Tai

Fiji White Sands

Miami Mint Mojito - fresh lime, juicy pear, and green mint leaf

Jamaica Pineapple Colada - juicy mandarin, green pineapple and vanilla milk

Bali Coconut Cove - fresh coconut, passion flower and coral berry


Paradise Pocketbac Collection

Bali Coconut Cove

Maui Mango Mai Tai

Bermuda Plumeria Sunrise

Jamaica Pineapple Colada

Fiji White Sands


Good Vibes Only - coconut

Coco Nut

You are my Sunshine - lovely lemon

Chillin - poolside punch

Need Vacay - ocean citrus


Hand Sanitizer Pocketbac Holders:

Hula Girl

Bff Mermaids Duo

Rainbow (stand up) $7.50

Assorted Neon Colors

Pineapple Top


Easter Bunny

Black Cutout

Teal Cutout


Paradise Hand Sanitizer Spray - Hand Cream

Maui Mango Mai Tai

Jamaica Pineapple Colada

Fiji White Sands


Perfectly Portable Cosmetic Travel Bag: $5.00

I need a Vacation



Heart Of Gold

Good Vibes Only

Hand Creams: Shea Butter 1 oz. $4.00

Melon Forever


Coco Loco

Sweet as Strawberries

Cucumber Melon

Mint to Be

French Lavender

Forever Pink

Sparkling Limoncello

Eucalyptus Spearmint

Pretty as a Peach

Black Cherry Merlot

Watermelon Lemonade

Good Vibes Only - Coconut

Heart of Gold - Berry Sweet

You are my Sunshine - Lovely Lemon

Peach Bellini

Vanilla Buttercream



Hand Cream Clip Holders:

Hand Cream Sleeve Hangers:

gold stripe with pineapple charm $3.50

Flamingo $5.50



 Gift Sets:

*Feeling Tropical Cosmetic Bag (Waikiki beach coconut travel with pb) $20.00

*Toucan Do It Paper Holder (Waikiki beach coconut  full size body cream and fragrance mist) $15.00

*Tropic Like It's Hot Paper Holder (Fiji Pineapple Palm full size body cream and fragrance mist) $15.00

*It's a Shore Thing wrapped set (Oahu Coconut Sunset mini body cream, mini mist, Bermuda pb) $11.50

*Island Hopping Is MY CARDIO wrapped set ( Waikiki Beach Coconut mini body cream, mini mist, and bali pb) $11.50


Paradise Home Fragrance Collection


Bath and Body Works New Ridged Glass Candle Collection

(currently online)

Black Pepper Bergamot - Fresh Bergamot, Black Peppercorn, Lavender Leaf

Blue Ocean Waves -

Coconut Sandalwood - Creamy Island Coconut, Luxurious Sandalwood, Hint of Jasmine

Cotton and  Eucalyptus - Crisp White Cotton, Eucalyptus, Cool Vanilla, Spring Breezes

Coastal Oak and Sea Salt -

Fresh Bamboo -

Ocean Driftwood -

Rainforest Gardenia - Classic White Gardenia, Sweet Apple Water, Bamboo, White Woods

Sweet Peach and Nectarine -

Tiki Beach -

Pink Sands and Petals -

Palm Leaves and Mango- Paradise Mango, Palm Fronds, Creamy Coconut Milk and Warm Island Woods.





Paradise Candle Collection

Colored Glass and Paper Dust covers for lids.

Beach Daze Always - Fresh Bamboo

Chase the Sun - Tiki Dragonfruit

Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat. - Coconut Sandalwood -

I Need Vitamin Sea - Salted White Mango

Make a Splash - Water Lily and Palm - Water Lily Blossom, Banana Flower, Palm Fronds, Orange Neroli.

Mermaid Vibes - Blue Ocean Waves

The Ocean is Calling - Indigo Sky 

photo credit: test candles @theshow78

Paradise Candle Collection

Gold Label Background:

Sun Soaked Sandalwood

Mango Mai Tai

Island Margarita

Beach Orchid


Palm Leaves Label Background:

Sea Grass

Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit

Waikiki Beach Coconut

Mahogany Coconut


Paradise Wallflower Units:

Tropical Bird (parrot) Light Up

Island Tropical Umbrella Drink Light Up

Palm Trees

Clear Light Up Conch Shell

Gold Conch Shell Light Up

White Star Fish

Three Turtles



Hula Girl

Palm Trees

Coconut Drink

White Inlay Turtle


Ceramic Pineapple Hand Soap Decanter
Ceramic Pineapple Luminary

Blinged-out Pearl Hand Soap Covers for Olive Oil Hand Soap Bottles

Blinged out Fine Fragrance Mist Cover Blue Glitter

Glittered Coral Candle Holder

Metal Pineapple Candle Holder

Vine Candle Holder

Palm Leaf Inlay Candle Holder



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