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Bath & Body Works | 25th Anniversary

March 21, 2014

Go anywhere on the internet and type in the words Bath and Body Works and you will find bunches and bunches of pictures popping up of current and things long gone. Images of scents only dated by the style of the bottle that they are in.  And I was just sitting here tonight getting ready to blog the days worth of information and  I realized next year we will have had our beloved store for twenty five years.

That's incredible.  Okay, I think so.

Lately, we have seen a steady change in the direction Bath and Body Works products are taking and it is exciting for me as a consumer to wonder what is coming next.  I could only imagine what it must be like to be an actual employee at the beginning stages of the items creation. 

Having worked in the office of a major manufacturing company I have seen the behind closed doors brainstorming sessions of what one person envisions a product to be .... to the penning on paper...and the process of creation. Then my job to make it perfect for the consumer at the final stages. I think my head would explode if I worked for this company.  And how could anyone not love their job?

I get giddy seeing the new that is coming and hearing about the what's next. And trust me it is hard to contain it all and patiently say a little at a time as to not overwhelm.  I'm still enjoying the Aloha, Hawaii line and waiting im-patiently for the Provence....while holding back a lot of World Gardens.  And that is going to be timed beautifully for Mothers Day.  Wasn't the Italy line last years Mothers Day treat?  Oh I am thinking about Mothers Day VIP totes....

See, it's non stop for me.... and I don't even work for the company.

Anyway....the purpose for my blog is I am hoping that next year, Bath and Body Works is planning on something big and wow for us all year long in celebration of their 25th in business.  I am sure they have thought about it, of course, but I am putting it out there that I would love to see some throwbacks mixed into a year long celebration of forward thinking. 

This is, and always has been that place that you can go and try something new without ever feeling pressured to buy it.  And when you did purchase it, it became your staple that you will come to love and always remember. Even twenty five years later~

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