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Bath & Body Works | Coco Shea Coconut Richly Nourishing Lightweight Body Oil - Coco Shea Cucumber Really Refreshing Aloe Gel Lotion

My Review of Bath and Body Works newest releases:

Coco Shea Coconut Richly Nourishing Lightweight Body Oil

Container Size: 6.3 fluid ounces

Retail Pricing: $16.50

Release Day Pricing February 27, 2017: 2/$20

Scent: A true coconut fragrance that reminded me a bit of summer when I first smelled it.

Coco Shea Cucumber Really Refreshing Aloe Gel Lotion

Container Size: 8 ounces

Retail Pricing: $16.50

Release Day Pricing February 27, 2017: 2/$20

Scent: Honey.  A realistic, fresh cucumber fragrance.



I purchased these two items in the second Bath and Body Works store I visited on Monday for two reasons.  I was adding other little items to my purchase and I wanted to make my purchase meet the thirty dollar mark to use my coupon...and I was curious about the Cucumber Aloe Gel Lotion.


The thing about Aloe Gel Lotions that I consider before buying them is how will they feel on my skin as they dry and if they get wet.  More often than not, the Aloe Gel Lotions are used at summertime to calm my sun baked skin because the initial application of it is quite cooling.  But they seem, to me, to sit atop of the skin and they don't completely disappear into it. So as soon as I get it wet in the shower I find it gloopy.  Okay, maybe not the best way to describe what I mean but I can still feel it on my legs as I wash. And as it rinses off it makes the shower slippery.


I also want a Aloe Gel Lotion to smell good...I don't need it to be too overly fragrant. This Cucumber scent is a perfect refreshing lightly scented lotion that will condition my skin as I need it and cool it off too.  I grabbed one jar to use in the upcoming months and I do recommend it.  The upcoming Paradise Body Care Collection will also bring back the Gel Lotions so watch for them if you love gel lotion.


The Coco Shea Coconut Richly Nourishing Lightweight Body Oil  offers 24 hour moisture the label reads. This one I am still trying out. I am not a big fan of being greasy...I mean, who really is.  I don't want the lotions and moisturizing products I put on my body to leave residue everywhere in my home and car and clothes.  I tried a Body Oil Lotion once that left greasy marks on my car seat where the back of my legs rubbed in the summer.  No fun.


I tried this in store when the assistant manager demoed it on me -just a dab, and again here at home.  The scent is a beautiful light coconut fragrance and it triggered a beach like, summer sun tan lotion on a hot day,  kind of feel fragrance.  Not the strong, someone is using suntan oil, scent.


On my skin it started out as oil, and a little does go a long way.  It does absorb into my skin but the feeling of it was quite different than the body lotions I love in the Coco Shea Collection.  My skin was soft as silk (my hands) but I kept looking at the sheen on my skin hoping it wasn't going to be greasy.


I did purchase one bottle of this and I am going to keep it to try it more, after a shower...when I am home in sweat pants casual, etc. just to get a true feeling for it.  I think it will also be great on summer legs!




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