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Bath & Body Works | New Artisan Collection | Launch haul

August 4, 2014
Today, Bath and Body Works launched their latest collection
Artisan Market
And greeting us at the front of the store was a Lemon
A shelf.
Now, we will see these tags throughout the store with sales associates top picks
I grabbed these today. A TMC, a shower gel and two bars of soap.  I have all of the others in travel sizes to try for a day to write out what I think of each and review tomorrow.
The bars of soap were sale priced at $5.00 each today { reg. $7.50 } and not included in the buy 3 get 3 free sales pricing.  I am curious to see if the bar soap is going to leave a soap film residue.
I loved that there was a Sale rack of Mini candles in pumpkin and fall scents priced at 3 for $ hand creams in fall scents... and right next to it was this sales rack with fun accessories also priced 3 for $10.00.  And travel sized trios are also 3 for $10.00.
There was so much here to chose from....I grabbed the nylon totes that I adore and use every day... in the pink and cheetah print.  They are reg. priced at $6.50 each.  I have some from years ago when they were out...a bit thicker in construction and then they were priced at $2.00.
I love that so much of this line matches and would make great gifts.

A cute apple scent portable....

Artisan Market Candle tables
Here are the Mini Mason Jars
priced at 3 for $12.00 or 6 for $20

Then there is the accessory display.
One side is filled with gift sets, the side is full of the new socks and the back is this adorability....
Raccoon candle bag....or little girls purse...$6.50
Owl also $6.50

There is also a fox bag....$6.50
See those cheetah print things standing up on the second shelf...they are $16.50 and a set of 3 zipper cosmetic bags that match the VIP tote.
Kiss lock rubber coin purse....adorable...priced at $8.50 each


I grabbed a few new candles and added the coin purse to use a survey.  The candle then cost $15.24 and the coin purse $5.76.  The candles were not on sale today as everyone expected they would be for new floor set launch.  Why?  I haven't a clue.  The new Banana Nutmeg Artisan candle was rumored to be priced at $12 today but that too was pulled back. 
I grabbed this little raccoon bag, some new pocketbacs, one fifty scent pb holder and three new smart soap refills in the newly released fall scents.  I used a survey.



There are four new Smart Soap refills out today to match the new fall hand soap bottles.
I grabbed three out of the four today....they are still priced 3 for $18.00...or reg. $8.00 each.  By the way...all stores should have the Smart Soaps launched by Spring 2015.  I love mine...and I already bought three others as gifts.

And there were other tables around of pumpkin wallflower units and bulbs...everything that I have been posting for the last weeks.
Tomorrow my online order of hand soaps and all of the new pocketbacs will arrive and I will post them and get my thoughts of scents written down.
In my area, the stores didn't have  the pumpkin candles out but available on request for full price.  People were buying them as shocking as that sounds.  The walls are moving in a few days...flipping the current location of everything and I was told that when the walls are done...Pumpkin candles and some fall candles will be placed.  Rumors are currently saying that we will see a candle 2/$22 sale around August time will tell.
So that was my shopping trip...23 items...lots of FUN.

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