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Bath & Body Works | Next Floorset - August 2017 - Purely Clean Theme Mailer Coupons

Bath and Body Works new mailer coupons offers.
Coupon 1.) Free wallflower plug or fragrance refill, 20% off entire purchase, $8.00  any Coco Shea item

Coupon 2.) Free Wallflower plug or fragrance refill, 20% off purchase, $6.00  FFM, $8.00 Coco Shea item

Coupon 3.) Free Wallflower plug or refill, 20% off purchase, $4.00  scentportable and refill

Coupon 4.) Free Wallflower plug or refill, 20% off purchase $6.00 FFM

customers who haven't shopped in 12 months get...

1.) Free full size signature item $13.00  value, free fun size $5  value, 20% off
2.) Free 3wick with ant purchase $22.50 value, two 20% off coupons
With my USPS Informed Delivery Emails I see I will be getting my mailer coupons today and I will share a color photo of them.
Bath & Body Works | Daily Finds - Cosmetic Bags
Bath & Body Works | Testing | W A T E R and ARGA...


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Friday, 18 August 2017

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