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Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale items

June 7th, 2013


$3.00 Home Fragrance items:

Wallflowers, single bulbs:
  • honeysuckle
  • spring
  • white barn summer
  • tiki beach
  • lilac blossom
  • green grass
  • garden bouquet
  • JCB label
  • villa bergamot (scroll)
  • pear
  • coconut leaves
$3.00 Signature items

Lotions, Shower Gels and (in select stores:  FFM )

  • Country Apple
  • White Tea and Ginger
  • Sheer Freesia
  • Exotic Coconut
  • Juniper Breeze
  • Cotton Blossom

  • Classics-  with new packaging ---lotion and shower gels only

  • Wild Honeysuckle
  • Rain kissed Leaves
  • Enchanted Orchid
  • Cucumber Melon

  • Newly  Discontinued- going to online exclusives:
    Cherry Blossom
    Midnight Pomegranate
    Secret Wonderland

    $3.00 Room Sprays:
    • sicilian orange
    • bahama fizz
    • peach belini
    • island margarita
    • tiki beach
    • beach cabana
    • lilac blossom
    • spring
    • white barn renew and refresh
    • honeysuckle
    • pineapple mango

    $3.00 Hand Soaps:

     Deep cleansing
    • fresh picked lemon
    • pumpkin
    • kitchen lemon
    • fp strawberries
    • bella flora
    • wild dahlia
    • citrus fig
    • raspberry pink peony
    • cherry blossom
    • ocean citrus
    • vanilla berry sorbet
    • wild honey suckle
    • rain kissed leaves
    • island nectar
    • caramel apple?

    • fresh picked lemon
    • fresh picked apple
    • fresh picked tangerines
    • fresh picked strawberries
    • Sicilian lemon
    • bella flora
    • mandarin blossom

    • kitchen lemon
    • mandarin blossom
    • sweet cinnamon pumpkin
    • citrus fig
    • Sicilian lemon
    • bella flora
    • Tuscan vineyard
    • Italian lavender

    $6.00 Aromatherapy

    • warm milk and honey
    • sandalwood rose
    • bergamot coriander
    • lemon zest
    • vanilla verbena
    $6.00 Wallflower Duos

    • kitchen spice
    • caramel apple
    • salted caramel
    • mint chocolate
    • homemade cookies
    • creamy nutmeg
    • apple crumble
    • island margarita
    • seaside escape
    • twisted peppermint
    • winter
    • gingerbread
    $4.00 Lip gloss

    • limeade
    • pink lemonade
    • bing cherry
    • best kiss
    • blood orange
    • exotic kiwi
    • pink guava
    • acai berry
    Up to 50% off candles
    3 wicks
    • summertime soda
    • dolce
    • melon fresh picked
    • lily pond
    • southern magnolia
    • pizzeria
    • ice cream shop
    • apple crumble
    • salty caramel
    • caramel apple
    • homemade cookie
    • mint chocolate
    • kitchen spice
    • summer board walk 2013
    • summer boardwalk 2012
    • Oceanside 2013
    • Oceanside 2012
    • palm beach cooler
    • tiki beach
    • garden freeshia
    • green grass
    • spring
    • spice
    • fresh bamboo

    • lilac blossom

    Up to 50% off

    • Sweetheart Line:

    1. Honey Sweetheart- lotion, shower gel, ffm, tmc, hair highlighter, travel
    2. Berry Flirt-lotion, shower gel, tmc, ffm, travel
    3. Daisy Dream Girl- lotion, shower gel, tmc, ffm, travel

    • Wild Garden Line:  lotions, shower gel, ffm. shimmer mist
    1. Wild Citrus Sunflower-
    2. Wild Peach Poppies-
    3. Wild Berry Tulips-

    • Resort/beach Line:    lotions shower gel, tmc, ffm
    1. Bali Mango-
    2. Rio Rumberry-
    3. Aruba Coconut-

    • Bella Italy Line: ??
    1. Venice Dolce Berry
    2. Rome Honeysuckle Amore
    3. Capri Seaside Citrus

    • Triple silk shimmer lotion
    paris amour
    sweet pea

    • select a shimmer & shea lotion
    cashmere glow
    warm vanilla sugar
    paris amour
    sweet pea
    moonlight path
    twilight woods

    • True Blue Mango items-
    • True Blue Raspberry items
    • Triple Silk body Oil Mist
    • Flawless 24kt foam bath and cleanser
    • ceramic oil birdhouse
    • jeweled scentportables
    • tangelo woods body cream
    • true blue spa cooling sunscreen mist
    • true blue gradual tanner
    • assorted gift sets
    • assorted candle sleeves

    Paris shimmer spray bottles ( 3 scents)
    Free Signature Collection item up to $16.50 value ...
    Todays, "inside the nest" photo day 7


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