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May 14, 2015
Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out what I have to offer.  It is greatly appreciated.  I am clearing out a lot of excess Bath and Body Works items (making room for new) and it does take some time to go through it all so I will try to add new every day.
Items are available on a first come, first get it basis. Serious inquires only please.
If you see something you want, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with your zip code so I can get you a shipping total.  I will then invoice you, with payment to be made upon its receipt via Paypal.
I will ship priority mail, or first class mail depending on the item.
Candles should go priority mail and they will be wrapped in bubble for safe shipping.
polar bear kiss lock purse 7.00
polar bear sponge hook  4.50
polar bear sponge  5.00
pink reindeer light up pb holder 5.00
pink reindeer sponge 5.00
pink reindeer sponge hook  4.50
pink reindeer socks 8.50
panda bear lip gloss holder4.00
panda bear mirror  5.00
blue owl lip gloss holder  4.00
magnet blue owl pb holder  4.00
blue bird light up pb holder  5.00
blue owl nail file  1.00
blue owl yellow eyes light up pb holder  5.00
hula hippo pb holder 5.00
pink bow hippo pb holder  5.00
pink owl kiss lock purse  7.00
pink owl light up pb holder  5.00
pink owl yellow eyes light up pb holder  5.00
winking owl lip gloss holder  4.00
pink owl nail file 5.00
pink owl with bow light up pb holder 5.00
blue owl kiss lock purse  7.00
blue owl light up pb holder 5.00
smart bear pb holder  4.00
grey robot light up pb holder 6.00
blue robot light up pb holder  6.00
tree lights light up pb holder  6.00
grey cat with lights light up pb holder  5.00
pink cat nail clipper 4.00
grey at lip gloss holder  4.00
holographic bear pb holder 6.00
raccoon holographic pb holder  6.00
snowman snowglobe pb holder  6.00
fox kiss lock purse 7.00
fox pb holder 4.00
fox nail file 4.00
red fox pb holder  4.00
pink fox lip gloss holder 4.00
Paris Eiffel tower light up pb holder 8.00
magnet snowman pb holder 3.00
snowman pb holder  4.00
snowman nail clipper  4.00
otter pb holder 5.00
penguin lip gloss holder  4.00
penguin nail clipper 4.00
penguin snow globe tummy mirror  4.00
pink penguin pb holder  4.00
May 15, 2015
Here are a few Metal Sleeves for candles and hand Soaps as well as Ceramic accessory pieces:
I have so many I am cutting the price I paid to get rid of them all.  All new, not used.

sparkly snowman sleeve $5.00

snow globe like snowman deer candle sleeve $5.00

snow globe like sleeve mini candle holder $4.00

wind swept snowman sleeve $5.00

These are the painted red scarf candle sleeves, there are two large
3 wick available and one mini candle sleeve available.  I didn't pay too
close attention in store and on one side of the snowmen, there are
slight scratches while the other side is ok.  the mini sleeve is the
last pic and the scarf is scratched. Still usable, I just didn't want to
gift these. the set of 3 items is $6.00   (reg.20.00+)

new years celebration sleeve $5.00

new year sparkle ribbon sleeve $5.00

copper color tree sleeve $5.00

(2) available  copper holiday home trees sleeve $5.00 each

copper tree half sleeve hand soap holder $5.00

brushed finish snowflake candle sleeve $5.00

fancy snowflake candle sleeve $5.00

 (2) available glittery snowflake sleeves (reg. 10.50 each)
$5.00 each

holds 3 mini candles tray snowflake $5.00

set of 4 mini candle holders snowflakes $10.00

snowflake pedestal sleeve $5.00

snowflake oil warmer (no oils or tea lights included) $5.00

(2) available 3 wick snowflake open sleeves $5.00 each

2 gentle foaming, 2 deep cleansing soap sleeves
pierced trees $4.00 each

(3) available pierced trees candle sleeves $5.00 each

these are 3 gingerbread with candy canes and house
3 wick candle sleeves.  I see on a few spots the white
plastic like snow stuff is off.  Not sure when or how but
it doesn't affect the cuteness of these.  They sold out quick in store
so I never got to exchange.  $4.00 each

mini candle holder scene house and tree and snowflake

(2) available 3 wick  tree and snowflake sleeves $5.00 each

4oz size candle sleeve tree and snowflake $4.00

snowman hand soap sleeve (older style bottle design) $2.00

colorful houses sleeve $5.00

2 gentle foaming 1 deep cleansing soap sleeve
floral $4.00 each

(2) available 3 wick sun candle holder $5.00 each

set of two dragonfly mini candle sleeves $8.00 pair

fern leaves candle sleeve 4oz size $3.00


Halloween candle sleeve $12.00


Halloween soap sleeve old bottle design $10.00


autumn name soap sleeve $5.00

(2) available Hand soap carriers fall
pumpkin names $8.00 each

copper pumpkin candle sleeve $6.00

autumn metal oil warmer (no oil or tea lights included) $4.00

acorn half soap sleeve $5.00

gold tone leaves sleeve $5.00

tall candle sleeve oak leaf copper like tone $5.00

(3)  different color tones  tall willow sleeves $5.00 each
left, middle right choices

owl cork anything holder $5.00

Please remember all ceramic items have a bit of weight to them prior to boxing an bubble wrapping.  All items will be sent priority mail boxed.  I do mention that because I was asked once to ship a ceramic item in a bubble envelope.  It cant be done. :)

You will find some older Slatkin Ceramics in the collection marked with the signature and date. I may have only one of these and my previous sales, everything dated went first


gingerbread round ceramic 3 wick candle holder.  This came out the year after the
gingerbread houses were so popular.  its a great piece $20.00



silver snowman ceramic 3 wick candle holder (matches a lot of upcoming bbw pieces)
$20.00 or best offer.

ceramic apple half sleeve hand soap holder $5.00

2010 slatkin signed snowman with silver scarf tea light burner $5.00

ceramic snowman red scarf oil warmer $5.00

blue scarf ceramic snowman mini candle holder (sticker price $16.50)

smiling snowman silver scarf candle holder $5.00

ceramic snowman oil warmer snowflake tummy $5.00

Harry Slatkin Ceramic Reindeer Cookie Jar Dated 2009 from Bath and Body Works. Gently used, put out once but not filled, just for decor.  Will come sent to you in its original shipping box with bubble wrap and styrofoam.  $25.00 plus s/h
Harry Slatkin Ceramic Polar Bear Cookie Jar Dated 2009 from Bath and Body Works. Gently used, put out once but not filled, just for decor.  Will come sent to you in its original shipping box with bubble wrap and styrofoam.  $25.00 plus s/h

Wallflower Units
Boxed $10 each

Single Units $5.00 each
sparkly reindeer sold

3 wick
$6.00 each plus s/h


Sunday, May 17, 2015
Baby Girl Christening gown brand new never used
size 6-9 months




Body Lotions: $4.00 each

 Body Creams (TMC) $4.00 each

 Shower: $4.00 each
Bath & Body Works | Today's Email May 15, 2015
Bath & Body Works | Todays Email May 14, 2015


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