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Exclusive Pumpkin Carving Items.....coming soon....

August 23, 2013

So of course with a 2 for $22.00 candle sale starting this weekend for a few days only you definitely need to get to a store near you and smell, smell, and smell some more.  So I did.

Oh yes and buying is even more fun.  And I wandered around looking for new and as luck would have it.... new I saw.  And all I can say is I can't wait for September.  And with so many things mentioning Pumpkin Carving Party.... one can only assume.....something fun and awesome is about to begin....??  ;)

I kind of thought that when I bought those wallflower bulbs a bit ago, that six pack of all pumpkin scents.... and it was marked Pumpkin Carving party...that there is going to be some kind of something going on.

Time will tell.... in a few days we will know....

Until then, here are a

  • Exclusive ducky.... hard plastic not squishy like the others....  I am not sure what to do with this little guy....I have enough things that sit around for me to dust. 

  • silver color pumpkin

  • smaller 4oz, SCP ceramic cream colored candle $18.00 (identical to the orange pumpkin 2oz that was priced at $6.00 with a purchase...only this is cream colored and bigger)

  • Big Ceramic creamy colored pumpkin, a bit pricey....$49.50 ~  23 oz. again, identical to the ceramic pumpkins that are out just much bigger.


  •  cable sweater looking mini candle holder, rougher texture....not smooth glaze, matches the taller candle now online filled with leaves....

  • large...VIP ceramic creamy colored SCP filled gift and yes that price is $125.00. 

  • New wallflowers, white owl ( oh so cute)  and a creamy latte colored pumpkin with silver linings.  I think this one is really suppose to be named that, not the orange with gold version shown online.


  • mercury glass owls.... the green one is identical to the brown one and fits the small candle...the other is a silvery white and fits the 4oz. sized....  so maybe a larger luminary mercury glass could be in our future?  sooo pretty.... I love these.
  • metal pumpkin candle holder  $34.50
Saturday new, online
Recipe: Hershey Kisses Fall Acorn Treats


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