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Fall 2013 new I bought today

July 6th 2013

It has been a very busy day here for me and I am glad to finally sit down and look over all of my goodies and write.  My Bath and Body Works beginnings today were to post first thing this morning that the True Blue Spa smoothies and bar soaps were now online.  I look forward to  smelling these in store and trying the three new scents. And I will take some time later to see what else new has shown up online.

Last night, I put a call into the White Barn Candle Company in Easton to see if they got the new Fall pumpkin candles in and if they did, were they going to honor the one day price of $9.00 today.  They said yes to both questions and took my order over the phone to have ready at the register for todays 10am call to pay.

I was told there are two lines available currently...the Pumpkins Line and the Sweater Weather Line.

The Pumpkin Line consists of:

  • sweet cinnamon pumpkin
  • pumpkin caramel latte
  • pumpkin cupcake
  • blueberry pumpkin patch
  • pumpkin apple
  • pumpkin carving
  • pumpkin pecan waffles
  • roasted pumpkin butter
  • pumpkin carrot cake
  • pumpkin hayride
  • creamy pumpkin

  • and I ordered these:

  • sweet cinnamon pumpkin
  • pumpkin caramel latte
  • pumpkin cupcake
  • pumpkin apple
  • pumpkin pecan waffles
  • roasted pumpkin butter
  • pumpkin carrot cake
  • pumpkin hayride

  • From the Sweater Weather line I purchased:

    • cider donut
    • tailgate
    • apple bonfire
    At first when she told me my total I almost fell over....then we realized she had to price override all of the new.  She also said they will NOT take any kind of coupons over the phone, no exceptions.  So I paid and these will ship out Monday and I should have them by Wednesday.  yay!

    Like I said last night....everyone who lives close enough to a test store is going to run there today to stock up on the candles for $9.00 and they will be posting photos of their hauls and their reviews of what they think each scent smells like.  So check around the Facebook pages to see what everyone got and what they think of them.....But I wouldn't wait to see pictures or read reviews to get some as they may sell out in some scents quick. 

    The others in the Sweater Weather Line are your typical scents that we all know and they will be out later this month so I didn't get those yet.  Sure $9.00 is an awesome price to get them at.....if you can use a coupon in a store.  Over the phone I tried to grab a bit more of the newness first.

    She also told me that next week or the week after, some other scents are coming in so try back if your wanting some of those new Fresh Picked scents.

    Okay, so that was the test store order for this morning.  After grocery shopping and a Chinese lunch, I hit the mall in a different town and checked out that B&BW store.  They had some new stuff out, just no fragrance items I was told.  Not even a pocketbac.  Not until Monday.  And when I asked about the coupon for a free Signature item I was told...under no circumstances are we taking coupons today.  I asked, "what about the three day allowance...and the manager told me absolutely not. 

    You should have seen the line of people with their ten dollar purchases and the free items being turned away.  Totally stupid if you ask me.  Here you have people making purchases and you would rather lose the sale than let them use the coupon....breaking your own policy? 


    I got my items and used a survey....and the cashier looked at me and said....what are you using? A survey?  Um....yes I am.

    So here is what I got:

    And here is what else they had out:

    Scentportables---  hard plastic kind


    Stated it is a car scent portable.  Its is rubbery feeling and the front purse flap opens and the SP loads in the back

    Another big rubber scentportable, if you want it for Halloween I would grab it now.

    A drink glass rubbery scentportable

    Now there were new pocketbac holders I didn't get this time.  I saw:

    • a football motif
    • a female soccer ball motif
    • glittery colors
    • jeweled colors
    • assorted colors both fifty cents and one dollar

    So that was my day Bath and Body Works wise.  I have a lot more other things to share so I better get writing......

    Coupon: new Fresh Picked bounceback
    New~ True Blue Spa Bar soaps online!


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