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Life Inside the Page Blog Sale | Hand Soap | Bath and Body Works

Terms of my Sale:

This is the current sale and all previous sale posts and prices are no longer active.

This sale is on a first come first serve basis so don't delay if you really want something. I cannot hold items, I'm sorry. 

New items will be added daily so check back often.

Items are available to all US residents

The prices for each of the items are listed and are non-negotiable

All items are new, with tags unless noted otherwise.

There are numerous categories of items that will be available.

If you find something you like, please email me at 

  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

with your list ( just copy and paste my description so I know what you want) and the year of the item as there are a few scents that carry into different years!

Please include your ZIP CODE and I will get you a shipping cost.

I need that zip code to get a shipping total.

Buyers pay all shipping costs

including the small paypal fee.

I do ship US mail either first class parcel or Priority Mail. I don't make up the shipping costs and I know they are pricey so I will use regional boxes to save you money.

After your items are packed up with a weight and total, You will then get a Paypal invoice that is

payable upon receipt 

and I will get your items immediately sent out to you.

All items are packaged extremely well and I do take photographs of my packaging.  Packages are insured up to $50 from the postal service and any additional insurance is up to the buyer to request at the time of purchase. I am not responsible for lost or damaged parcels, you will need to file a USPS claim.

❥I thank you all for stopping by my sale posts to see what I have available and I greatly appreciate your purchases beyond words.

Hand Soaps: $2.50 each -

Wine Bottle Hand Soaps $5.00 each

(g=gentle foaming  -  d= deep cleansing - n= nourishing -  m= moisturizing  -  o=olive oil)


Twisted Peppermint  1 g

Winter Candy Apple  2 d

Snow Kissed Berry 3 d (color changing from blue to green)

Iced Gingerbread 8 d  1 g




Winter Cranberry  1g

Fall Cranberry Harvest  1 d

Aloha Orchid  1d

Island White Pineapple  2 d

Golden Apricot  1 d

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin  2 d

Golden Autumn Citrus  1 d

Pumpkin Spice Latte  1 d

Lavender Blossom  1 d

Mediterranean Lemon  1 d

Citrus Sunshine  1 d

Malibu Sunset  1d

Perfect Beach Day  2 d

Coastal Surf and Sun  1 d

Pacific Cool Breeze  1 d

Endless Weekend  1d

Wildberry Freesia  2 d

Sweet Plum and Verbena  1 d



Pumpkin Cupcake  2 d

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 1 d

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte  3 d

Crisp Morning Air  1d

Cozy Vanilla Cream  2 d

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin  1 d

Pumpkin Cranberry Cider 1 G

Honeyed Pineapple Pumpkin  5 d

Give Thanks Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin  2 d

Cranberry Citrus and Sage  5 d

Brandied Apple and Pear  4 d  1 g

American Apple  2 g

Boardwalk Cone  1 g  6d

Bourbon Street Buttercream  2 d

Magnolias and Mimosas  3 d

Watermelon Lemonade  4 d

Georgia Peach 1 d

White Peach Chardonnay  2 g

Juicy Georgia Peach  2 g

Blushing Tulips and Peonies  3 g

Sweet Strawberries and Cream  1g

London Tea Time Shortbread  3 g

New York Big Apple Sparkler  1 g

Paris Pink Champagne and Tulips  4 g

Warm Vanilla Sugar Holiday  2 g

Japanese Cherry Blossom Holiday  2 g

Reindeer Raspberry Stasher  1 g

Santa-Suds  1 g

Elfin Around North Pole Punch  1 g

Fresh Sparkling Snow  1 g  2 d

Snow Kissed Citrus  2 d

Winter Wonderland  1 d  1g

Iced White Pomegranate  2 d

Frosted Cranberry  1 d

Orchard Frost  1 d

Twisted Peppermint  3 g  4 d

Twisted Peppermint Nourishing  4

Winter Candy Apple  1 g  3 d

Winter Candy Apple Nourishing  1

Jingle All the Way  2 d  5 g

Vanilla Bean Noel  3 d  2 g  1 Nourishing

Merry Cookie  4 d  2 g

Seaside Sunset  1 g

Sunrise Sail 1 d  1 g

Perfect Beach Day  1 d  1g

Endless Weekend 1 d  1g

Island White Pineapple  2 d

Hawaiian Pink Hibiscus  2 d

Pacific Coral Reef  1 d

South Pacific Sunrise  1 d

Island Pink Pomelo  1 d

Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla  1d

Maui Mango Mai Tai  1 d







Lemon Buttercream 1d

Blue Skies and Blooms  3 d 1 g

Springtime and Clementines  1 d

Pink Grapefruit  1 d

French Lavender  3 d

Island Margarita  2 d

Wild Honeysuckle  1 d

Cherry Blossom  1d

Moonlight Path 1d

Sun-kissed Days  3g



Tis The Season  1 g

Iced Cherry Blossom  1 g

Winter  1g

Fresh Balsam  1 g

Merry Cookie  1g

Holly Jolly Berry  1g

Cookies for Santa  2g

Christmas Morning  1 d

Very Merry Meringue  2 d

Winter Citrus Wreath  1 d

 A Thousand Wishes  1 d

Vanilla Berry Sorbet  3 d

Sun Ripened Raspberry  2d   2g

Boardwalk Vanilla Cone  1 d

Kitchen Lemon  1 d 1 lotion

Twisted Peppermint  4 d

Gingerbread Latte  3 d

Vanilla Bean Noel  4 d

Frosted Coconut Snowball  1 d

White Birch and Vanilla 2 g

Leaves  1 g

Cherry Woods  2 g

Cedar and Sage  2 g

Sparkling Pear Riesling  1 g 1 d

Sunshine and Lemons  1 d

Watermelon Lemonade  1 d

Nectarine Sun Tea  5 d

Strawberry Vanilla Sugar  1 d

Gardenia Spring Rain  2 d

Sparkling Seas  1 d

Summer Sail  2 d

Beach House  1 d  1 g

Peach Bellini 1 d

Suntan 1 g

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte  4 d  1 g

Crisp Morning Air  1 g  2 d

Fall Lakeside Breeze  1 g  1 d

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin  2 d 1 g

Autumn Spiced Strawberry  1 d  1 g

Sunlight and Apple Trees  1 g

Golden Autumn Day  1 g  1 d

California Citrus Sunshine  1 d

Autumn Vines 2 d

Black Cherry Merlot  1 g  2 d

Fresh Sparkling Snow Luxe 3

Vanilla Snowflake Luxe 2

Sparkling Mint Blossom Luxe 1

Winter White Woods Luxe 3

Frosted Cranberry Luxe  1

Pumpkin Cupcake Nourishing 2d

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Nourishing  2 d

Pumpkin Cranberry Cider  1 g

Pumpkin Berry Crumble Nourishing  3 d


Warm Mango Sunset  1 g

Sweet Sunrise Mimosa  2 g

Wine Bottles ( grape seed extract and olive oil) 9.5 oz.

$5.00 each


Black Cherry Merlot 2

Napa Valley Sunset  2

Merry, Merry Cherry 2

Be Joyful 4

California Citrus and Sunshine 1

White Peach Chardonnay 1

Holiday Peach Punch 2

Shimmer and Champagne  1


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