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Life Inside the Page | My Recent Purchases and other Thoughts | April 2017 La Francaise Collection

Ever since I first saw the testing of the La Francaise Body Care Collection I was curious to know was this another body care collection of re-do scents or something new.  With its launch this week I was able to try them all and share with you some of what I have already purchased.

Let me begin by mentioning how disappointed I was to find that the new collections coming out to all stores nationwide would NOT be including the Candles designated for this collection.  White Barn stores set their Paris is a Good Idea floor set early and they had all of the new three wicks out, some with pretty Eiffel Tower lids.  

When I saw the candles come online with a half decent pricing, I ordered a few...just to make sure I would get what I wanted, pre-floorset release here.  I had so much trouble with EVERY order I tried to place last week because of the new website format, I had to call and have a customer service representative help me.  Sadly, one of the orders went awry even with their help and it had to be done a second time delaying it another four days.  Finally getting them, I was pleased with what I grabbed and looked forward to seeing the other scents I wanted, but waited on buying online because I wanted to see and smell them first.

The closer we got to floor set day, the more I realized the stores around me were complaining that they didn't even receive one box of the new French Candles for the set.  Which pushed me to ask on social media what other stores and other customers were hearing.

We all heard the same.  NADA.  There would be no new candles out for purchase this past Wednesday.

Some workers who came to my Facebook page to comment said the same thing; White Barn stores put them out and they suspected that they would not see them...perhaps they would stay White Barn Exclusives.  Another worker commented they had one box in stock so they could be a late arrival {late sku} and we could see them come out later.  {I thought maybe for May and Mother's Day since the one candle Blushing Pink Rose Petals was included in the Mother's Day Tote}

I wondered if they were to be White Barn and perhaps Online Exclusives, wouldn't they post a little tag on only, like they do for other things?

I guess time will tell when and if we will ever see those candles come to all stores.  There are so many other candles out testing now, trying to figure out where they all will fit in is mentally exhausting.  :)

Another Note:  I have been asked and I have been asking as well, what will the May Signature Scent newness bring?  Nothing else has tested out, to my knowledge. I know the Men's Signatures should test next month with one new scent and two others being redone.  And there is currently a test happening of the Signature Core scents in smaller size Perfumes.


But the newness for May?  Unknown as of today.


The trademarked names found and still unseen:

Poolside Pop

Electric Lemonade

Cabana Breeze

Caribbean Escape

These would be great as Summer Signature Body Care...That may come out for SAS time. Or sooner?


We haven't seen the candles that tested out in the colored glass appear yet. I am guess another Summertime release.

photo credit: @theshow78


There are also a sort of fresh picked?? candle collection that recently tested that we are now seeing the wallflowers in the same fragrances appear online yesterday.

photo credit: @duchessofwax

There is a animal inspired label collection testing. I am not sure how they are doing.

As well as this weeks new test candles of summer scents and some frosted glass candles. So we are in store for some pretty interesting things to come....hopefully not all re-dos.

photo credit: @duchessofwax

Now onto more of what I purchased.

Tuesday the new French Signatures were in the wall so I grabbed three of them to try.  Seeing the new, odd shaped body lotion bottle wasn't so off putting as I thought.  Sure, I would have loved to see the regular bottles all decked out with this labeling, but these are about the size of a bar of soap and i thought I would give them a try.

I ordered ten of the new La Francaise Hand Soaps when they first showed up online and Love each and every scent.  The bottles labels are lovely as are the scents inside of each and I haven't quite figured out which scent I love the most yet. They are being offered in both the Creamy Luxe Version and the Gentle Foaming.


There are a few gift sets available in the four new fragrances and for the price of $29.00 for this three piece set, I had to jump on it. This La Fleur is such an incredible, fresh scent and it smells devine with my body chemistry making it my new go to for Spring.


When I grabbed the three body lotions I added these two new, Nourishing Hand Soaps with Coconut Milk for 2/$10.00.  I grabbed the Honolulu Sun for hubby and the Strawberries and Cream for me. The softness after washing my hands made me run back to the store to grab two more Strawberries and Cream.  And with the free item coupon becoming available Wednesday, I grabbed one more La Fleur Body Lotion as my free gift. 

I think it is very generous of the company to offer so much for free as they do, and I appreciate the gesture, as it does get me back into a store.

The stores finally would sell the last of the Paris Pocketbacs I didn't have and I grabbed the Ooh La La  to match the holder I bought previously.

And I did grab one of these pretty It's Your Day Tulips in a Garden Pail Gift Bags.  Perfect for gift giving, and with Mother's Day just around the corner be sure to grab one for yourself. They are priced at $3.50.

The Personalized Candle Collection should be out in stores now, but they are shipping late I was told.  I have very mixed feelings about the labels on these candles as I have expressed previously. I think going for a personalized collection was a great idea...and I hoped the labels could have shown more interest in the design concept than they do.  As soon as I see them arrive I will share.












I would love to hear your thoughts on the new collections out in stores. So what did you purchase from the new releases?

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