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Through the keys

June 20, 2014

I read something the other day and it has bugged me....and usually when things bug me...I need to write and let it out of my head to move on.

That's just me.

Let me begin by saying this -- I don't think I am anything special.  I don't think I am some great writer of all things blogs and I am super special and I should have followers to adore me. I don't.

I am an ordinary person who is a wife and mother and lover of all things nature....and bubbles.  I am a photography maniac who carries no less than 5 cameras at any given time because life is meant to be captured.

And saved...because its fleeting.

I took up writing on the Internet because it was quicker than I was writing in my personal journals.  And when the loss happened in my was that place I could sit at any time I needed let those demons of pain out through the keys.

Years of social writing previous, then five years of self expression....opened me up for the fun writing I try to do now.

And it is fun.  It's not a job...although there are times it is time consuming....but in no way do I feel its hard. Some people make money off of their blogs...I am happy to get information out to those who love it as much as I do.

 I joke a lot that I have a soap monkey on my back and this is my Bubble Rehab.

Most people come to read a blog...gosh I really don't care for that name....Blog.  It seems to have such negative connotations to it now when I see it written or said ...Blogger....after all that's happened before..... it's like a dirty word. 

Anyway....I know most people don't come to a writings page to read what I did....or what bird I took a photo of.

Most. There are some super sweet people who are interested in those other things in my LIFE that I write about too.  And I can see the numbers of hits on what pages get the most views.

Bath and Body Works and Candle companies rule the views.

Just know this about me...because you don't know me personally.  I am not stuck up thinking I am better than anyone else.  I live in a modest home...and live a pretty modest life...with the exception of the Bubble Monkey stuff..... ha ha ... but even that isn't too excess because a lot of it isn't only for me as I do share... and a lot of it is free!

When I started writing about Bath and Body Works years ago, it was kept for a small group of friends and me to have a place to keep the what came out when info and to share our excitement of bubbles and candles. 

When it was opened up to the public it became this forum place where people could come and be their nastiest if they wanted to be...which I found shocking.

Thankfully, for the most part...that has calmed down. And I am still here sharing....
Which is awesome...because I LOVE it. 

Sometimes I can hear about things not everyone else can by just asking their stores SA or MGR.  With the lock down of information lately, I have had a store manager ask me what's coming next.... So we can ask all we want...they just aren't sharing too much sadly.

Sometimes I end up at the right place to get pictures of new things that aren't coming out for weeks...or I call and get the list of new test candle names and I write them out so those who are lucky enough will know they are out.  Again...not because I think I'm something super special....but I love this stuff and it makes me happy and excited to be able to share it. 

Social media sites are everywhere and not everyone reads blog writings or uses Facebook.  So if you want to share you need to branch I did.  Again...not thinking I'm this big shot...just answering what some have asked of me. 

I'm not out to collect people to follow me.... but the way some sites are made you must "like" a page or "follow" the person to see what they posted daily.

The counter on my writings blog page was added by my brother when we set it up to get a general idea of how the page was doing.  All pages have them.  Color us surprised to see the numbers grow and not by bots but by actual people from all over the world.  A bit over one year writing here and to  have 4.6m is pretty surprising for anyone.  Again...not boasting....its shock because it's Bubble and Birds for goodness sake.

I added the one ad column....not to make me rich... HA  HA... trust me, even with all of those visits.... but the ads benefit my readers.  If you notice when you come to this page...the ad will probably reflect a page you visited recently on your computer.  If I go to and then check my page... there is an ad for Sears.  You can click through the ad for savings on what is offered.  I can't.

Someone recently wrote that they are disgusted by some of the behavior of bloggers so much so that they don't frequent them as much as they once did for their sources of information.  That the information we provide is available to the average Joe just by walking up to their favorite SA and asking.  That we who "celebrate our status as Bath and Body Works celebrities" are as necessary as reality television. 

Which makes me laugh....since I just read some customers complaining how difficult it is to get information from SA's and how the staff sometimes remarks they hear about things from the bloggers. And because I know who wrote that, I know they are still frequenting me.

I will still be getting my information like I always have and taking my pictures.....and sharing it all as I can. Not because I think I am some celebrity.... or something special that I need attention.

Because shutting this all off to the public is easily only one click....

But I am enjoying the sharing of fun...Through the keys....

First Day of Summer | June 21, 2014


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