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Victorias Secret Fresh Sorbets ~ Monkey see.....monkey do...not 4.28.13

I am not surprised at how much the new Victoria Secrets Fresh Sorbets products seem to match the new Bath and Body Works Italy line.  While shopping at VS this weekend I saw the Fresh Sorbets and went over for a closer...smell.  :)

I grabbed two of the shower scrubs, the body butters and the mists...some for me to try and a few for a birthday gift I needed.

Upon leaving the store, I went next door to talk to a friend and worker at BBW and she asked what was in the bag, so I showed her.  As she pulled each item out of the bag standing in front of the Italy display we both acknowledged the conversation that was had a few weeks ago....when I wrote about how BBW is trying to eliminate too much info from getting out.  They know we want to  And they want us excited for the products so we buy them.....from them....  Not Victoria Secrets.

Honestly, I tried two out of the three scents at home....and I liked BBW's Italy line so much better.  I did try VS Apple and Sparkling Cassis in the store and wasn't impressed enough to bring it home.  The scents are all lovely....but I found the mists and the body creams weak and not long lasting on the skin.  I wouldn't rebuy them.

The VS I bought came with a few gift boxes upon request and some tissue paper and a pink stripped bag; all at the price of 5 for $30.00, which included their 14.00 body mists. They also gave me a ten dollar off coupon that I used. $26.00 before tax for 6 items.

Bath and Body Works Italy line are currently on sale with a buy three get three free....which would have cost me at least $44.00 to duplicate item for item and if I had a survey coupon I could get ten dollars off making them $34.00 before tax for 6 items.

There weren't any free gift boxes and tissue paper at BBW for the extra $8.00 cost but thankfully what was there was...the fragrance.


Coupon offers 4.30.13
New-Ness 4.27.13


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