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Bath & Body Works | Fall Test Candles | July 2017

With the turn of the calendar page, the month of July begins and so does my anticipation of what it will bring.  

For most, it is the official beginning of summer -  with thoughts of vacations on warm sandy beaches with tall fruity drinks, or stay-cations at home catching up on all of those things neglected all year long ... like sleep.

And let's not forget the Fourth of July fireworks that light up the hot summer nights sky. My city is really enforcing the NO FIREWORKS LAW by banning any consumer based fireworks  because they are illegal in my state...with the exception of sparklers.  We can see the huge white tents all over town selling every big and small firework known to man, but we are in violation if we purchase them.  The news reported that those vendors look for the out of state sales....and we here in Pennsylvania the sparklers.  Ha ha. I am sure they sell more than just the sparklers if my neighbors are any indication of enforcement.

But my anticipation isn't about any of that.  For me it's the First Looks of the new Bath and Body Works Fall Test Candles hitting select stores this week!

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Bath & Body Works | New Hand Soap Collection | Purely Clean

Being a Huge fan of Bath and Body Works hand soaps, finding out that there was a new collection coming out soon made me very curious as what makes this collection different.  Here is a little bit of what I found out.


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Bath & Body Works | Summer VIP Totes 2017 | Palm Tree or Chill

Here are the two choices for this years Bath and Body Works Summer VIP Tote.




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Bath & Body Works | New Conversation Candles Coming Soon

New Conversation Three Wick Candles Coming - Aloha Beach    Good Vibes Only Happy Birthyay Hooray Live Love Lake  
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Bath and Body Works | July 2017 Floor-set Information | "Feed Your Skin for Summer" Theme

I wanted to compile a list of all of the new products that we will be seeing out in Bath and Body Works stores this July, as a way to assist in making our "must have" shopping lists.  I will continue to add photographs and information to this post as more new becomes available. Summer VIP Tote - Sale Date - Sale Pricing - (purchase with purcha...
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