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Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale | Day One - June 5, 2017

Four Forty Five.

The red numbers on the clock screamed as I rolled over, stirred by something.  Only four hours of sleep is not enough.  Laying there listening to the rhythmic breathing of hubby...I try not to think about the day...the sale coming, the errands needing to be done...because if I start, then I surely won't fall back to sleep.

Five fifteen.  He is still sleeping and I am wondering why I am not. I think it was his nightly Four Thirty alarm for his meds that woke me, something that has been happening the past few days.

Tossing and turning, a few hot flashes (fun stuff I tell you what), and a trip to the bath room I start to wonder if I will find anything good at all at the SALE.

DRATS... There it is.  The WORD.  Sale. Crap.

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Bath & Body Works | What's New for Summer 2017

Summertime at Bath and Body Works Begins!

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Bath & Body Works | Semi Annual Sale - June 5th, 2017 | Information

As I begin to hear some of the things found scheduled for the Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale, I will keep updating this post.  Be sure to bookmark it as I will add new as I hear.

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