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Bath and Body Works | May 2017 Rewards Mailer Coupon Codes

May Mailer Coupons from Bath and Body Works

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Bath & Body Works | Mother's Day Pink Tote | First Look Early Release Mailer Purchase

I didn't plan on going out today having so much to do but the blue skies and an article in today's paper lured my hubby to want to take a ride so I went.  The fact that there was a Bath and Body Works store in the area didn't hurt.

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Bath & Body Works | Mother's Day Tote | The Grey Version

When the First Look Mother's Day Tote email came out last Tuesday I debated if I should wait to grab it in the store alone or should I order one online too.  I do shop and support not only my local stores but others in the surrounding area so ordering online occasionally is sometimes done more as a convenience for myself. 

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