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MY Bath & Body Works Wallflower Bulbs - Room Sprays - Fragrance Oils

June 13, 2017

My collection of Wallflower Bulbs, Room Fragrance Sprays and Fragrance Oils stored in Photo Boxews from Michael's Craft Store. Not shared for sale, only as an inventory of what I currently have.

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MY Bath & Body Works Hand Soap Collection

June 13, 2017

This is My current collection of Bath and Body Works Hand Soaps. It does not include the Automatic Hand Soap Dispensers and 21 refills I also have.

These are not posted for sale purposes but as an inventory for what I have on hand for my own use when shopping.I love the Fall fragrances and Holiday the most and gift them more than any other season.

Please, enjoy the look back!

Years begin with 2009 to current day.

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Bath & Body Works | Semi Annual Sale | Day Eight - June 12, 2017

My best find so far from Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale!  

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