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Bath & Body Works | New Test Candles Revealed | Fresh Picked Collection

Thanks to many friends in the wax community on social media, we now have a First Look at some current candles testing at Bath and Body Works. I am not sure what this collection is called, {Fresh Picked maybe} or where it will fit in the upcoming months, but I will try to get more information.

Fresh Picked Collection

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March 14, 2017 Winter Blizzard Stella Attacks

  This was the calm before the predicted storm. And the snow fell and the world was quiet for hours.  For a time it stopped and the sky turned blue and the sun peeked out briefly. And then it began to squall all day. Winter Storm Stella dumps 27" of snow over the course of two days!  
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Bath and Body Works | New Items Release Day | Best Beach Skin | March 13, 2017

With a winter nor'easter already beginning here in Pennsylvania tonight, with 18" - 24" of snow potential tomorrow and another 3"-5" into Wednesday, it was a good thing I stopped by my Bath and Body Works store today for the complete release of the new Best Beach Skin Collection.  Warm weather thoughts for far away (from the snow) destinations is the perfect thing to drive the winter blues away.

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Winters Snow Storm | Friday, March 10, 2017

Just when you think winter is in the rear view mirror and spring is just around the corner...this happens.  And coming this Tuesday, the weathermen here are predicting a coastal storm bigger than the March 14th storm of 1993.  Oh Boy.  I woke to find the snowstorm they said was coming overnight; 4-5 inches worth of the whit...
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Bath & Body Works | First Look Email | March 10, 2017 | Best Beach Skin

Here is today's First Look Email for the upcoming Best Beach Skin Floor-set coming out March 13, 2017.      
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