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Rae Dunn | Daily Finds | Palm Trees Pitcher

My first Rae Dunn Find, today at TJ Maxx The Palm Trees Pitcher $12.99
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Bath and Body Works | July 2017 Floor-set Information | "Feed Your Skin for Summer" Theme

I wanted to compile a list of all of the new products that we will be seeing out in Bath and Body Works stores this July, as a way to assist in making our "must have" shopping lists.  I will continue to add photographs and information to this post as more new becomes available. Summer VIP Tote - Sale Date - Sale Pricing - (purchase with purcha...
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Bath & Body Works | Information Capture at the Register Changes

I am not sure if you've noticed it yet, but things during checkout at Bath and Body Works have changed over the last few days in most places...and in some, last week. Changes regarding the capturing of our phone number and email information. Now, if you use a credit card that you've used before to pay for your purchase, the phone number and email a...
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Bath & Body Works | New Items - Today June 19th, 2017 | July 2017 Floorset

Today was a very busy day Bath and Body Works information wise and I wanted to make a posting of it to keep track of all of the news.

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Who am I here....On Social Media

Twice on YouTube I heard my Blog Name shared from friends of my page but they also mentioned they were a bit confused as to what Name I go by lately. After hearing it this second time now, I thought I would make a post to sort of clear things up....since I didn't know there was confusion about it.   And let me say I truly appreciate anyone who...
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