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Bath & Body Works | New Finds from Today - from the April Floor-set " French With a Twist"

Prior to the release of the Paris Signature Body Care coming out to test, I had heard that there would be a body care collection testing at Bath and Body Works called a French Twist.  Then we saw the body care come out as a test and lately we're hearing the new floor sets were going to be called "You can't go wrong with Paris for White Barn Stores and BBW/WB stores and Bath Fizzy Frenzy for Bath and Body Works Stores."

When asked what that meant, Even the stores themselves didn't / don't know much about what is coming out, and even if the Paris scents are coming.  Those that I visited said they are truly unsure what a Bath Fizzy Frenzy was going to be.

Tonight I heard the Floor Set will be called, " French with a Twist", which was very reassuring to me because I am really excited about the new and I wanted to smell it for myself...not just read what everyone who was able to try it when it tested thought about it.

Some of the new accessories that have been coming out in stores lately are cute and I have been snagging them when I see them.  Today I got another bunch of little things, so I am going to share the new as well as my purchases. Here is what I saw:

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Bath & Body Works | My Recent Purchases | $2.95 Coupon Travel Fun Size and Free Item Coupon Sale

Here are a few things that I grabbed last week at Bath and Body Works.

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Department: Beauty | ChapStick Lip Balm | New I Heart Summer Collection

Something New from Chapstick!

The I Heart Summer Lip Balm Collection.

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Bath & Body Works | New Pocketbacs - Gift Boxes - Bath Fizzies - Scentportable | Paris Collection

Here is a First Look at a few New items we will be seeing coming this April at Bath and Body Works. Gift Box sets that you can add your own products to. Priced at $7.50 One in a Million You are Fab   New Signature Body Care Fine Fragrance Mist and Body Cream Bonjour Paris Wine Glass Scentportable  Bath Fizzy: Bonjour Paris A Thousand ......
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Bath & Body Works | New Signature Body Care - Signature Gift Sets - Hand Soaps - Bath Fizzy | Paris Collection Spring 2017

Here is a First Look of new Signature Body Care Gift Sets, Bath Fizzy, Hand Soaps from the upcoming  Paris Collection at Bath and Body Works.


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