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Bath & Body Works | My Recent Disappointment Order | Food for Thought

This is just a narrative on just how much things are changing.  And while I am exhausted from three days of heavy snow shoveling and snowblowing that seems unending...I didn't think it was too much to ask to have that one thing I was looking forward to getting to be correct.  And if it wasn't, to have it corrected without my involvement.

Here's what happened.

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Department: Beauty | Limited Edition April Walmart Beauty Box Take A Me Moment | Opt In Choice

I received this email yesterday for a chance to opt into a different choice for the upcoming April Walmart Beauty Box.

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Bath & Body Works | La Francaise Body Care Collection | April 2017

Bath and Body Works has released in select markets a test of the new La Francaise French Body Care Collection and it looks like this will be a Signature Body Care Collection for April.

Here is a look at the Fine Fragrance Mist and Body Creams that are being tested.

La Francaise Body Care Collection
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Bath & Body Works | New Test Candles Revealed | Fresh Picked Collection

Thanks to many friends in the wax community on social media, we now have a First Look at some current candles testing at Bath and Body Works. I am not sure what this collection is called, {Fresh Picked maybe} or where it will fit in the upcoming months, but I will try to get more information.

Fresh Picked Collection

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March 14, 2017 Winter Blizzard Stella Attacks


This was the calm before the predicted storm.

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