Here is a sneak peek at more newness hitting the stores, ready for our upcoming May floor set of Summer Fun!  My thanks to all who share on Instagram and allow me to reshare their finds.


  • Underwater Scene Sea Life Candle Pedestal $15.95
  • Sea Life Hand Soap Sleeve $12.95
  • Stamped Sea Urchin Bowl Sleeve
  • Shell Pile Cuff

Room Sprays
  • Coconut Sandalwood
  • Blue Ocean Waves
  • Juicy Pink Grapefruit 

  • Whale
  • Triple Hearts

Hand Sanitizers

  • Red Crab Holder
  • Citrus and Sunshine
  • Salted Coconut Water
  • Sea Salt and Blue Skies
  • Boardwalk Cone
  • Mid Summer Dream
  • Be Happy Cotton Candy Clouds

Body Care

  • Berry Waffle Cone Foam
  • Firecracker Pop Shimmer Fizz Body Lotion