You're The One.

You''re Confident, Sparkling, Beautiful.

I don't know when we will see this New Bath and Body Works fragrance released, but I am so looking forward to trying it out in all of the forms that will be available when it does. And I wanted to jot down a few thoughts of the scent as I wear it.

The scent notes of You're the One are White Birch, Velvety Rose, and a Drop of Strawberry Nectar.

We know that they give us the bare bones note wise when something is released.  Later, we come to find out the top, heart, and base notes of each scent.  Hopefully, we can see all of those quickly.

I wore this fragrance in the Body Cream all day today and the staying power was impressive. It came through long sleeves on my shirt.

My first impressions when I put this on was - it smells expensive.

Perfect for Fall.

Not a typical scent in my fragrance wardrobe from Bath and Body Works.  

Oriental feel scent notes...and by that I mean it quickly reminded me of that Berries and Incense candle...and not that it smells like incense it was an impression I had at first sniff.  





It changes on dry down on me.  I get wood.  And the rose.  It is NOT another rose scent per se...I keep coming back to that oriental scent note feeling.  A richness.

I am enjoying this fragrance and it is nothing I would gravitate to, yet I want to breathe it in over and over again.  

Could it be something we have had previously?  Could be.  We all have a huge scent wardrobe and over time the scent notes all start to blend together from all that we have.  I will research it a bit and see if it matches anything I can remember.  

I was able to purchase this and give it a try before it releases.  And I recommend that you give it a try when we see it arrive in stores and online.  Don't try to smell this through a mask...on that little piece of paper in a store.  Put it on your skin to see how it develops with your body's chemistry.

The packaging on the Body Cream is beautiful, even in international packaging. It is red, and sparkly with holographic triangles that look also like little hearts and a red pearl-like cap to finish off the look.

I wonder if there will be other scents in this collection...and I wonder what the collection will be called.

Time will tell.  And then, so will I.

New Bath and Body Works Fragrance Photo


Here is a First Look at the New packaging on the Eucalyptus Spearmint Aromatherapy Collection coming to stores and online.  The single wick candle was out in my store this week so the body care may arrive for the upcoming October floor set, if not sooner.

Bath and Body Works New Eucalyptus Spearmint Aromatherapy Photo

This weeks Bath and Body Works Room Spray email coupon $3.95 sale was very tempting to shop.  There were a few fragrances I would have liked to add to my collection and I did stop in the store while running errands...but with these scents still brand new in my back up box, I planned on waiting until holiday fragrances come out before adding more.

You can tell by the labels on the sprays some of these are pretty old and yes, very potent.  A few sprays of these is all you need to freshen up any area and it takes some time to finish a can of spray...unlike the other grocery store brands of room spray.  I do like those too and I have some of them as well.  But I find after I spray those and enjoy the fragrance at that moment, the scent disappears. 

So with over 40 cans of spray in backup, along with those already in use...I better get spraying...

Holiday is quickly approaching.

My Room Spray Back Ups Photo

We are seeing so many fragrances coming from Bath and Body Works now it is a lot of work trying to keep up with everything...but I am doing my best.  Take this fragrance for example...WHAT IS THIS ABOUT!


I have no idea either.  If I had to guess I could say it may be a November scent.  Maybe one for a Black Friday Tote Bag?  Ha Ha.  Pure speculation here as I know nothing for sure...just the name of it and the scent notes.  Now could be part of a collection with other fragrances?  Maybe.

When I first saw it I thought...Valentine's Day.  Then I thought a transition fragrance from a holiday theme into the new year. 

As always, I will update a posting with more photos and information.  I just wanted to share this first look tonight.

Check out the You're The One Fragrance Photo here

 I found another scent for this Bath and Body Works Collection, Winterberry Wonder!  I am glad to see its return and now I can't wait to see what other fragrances will also be part of it.  The release date of this collection is still unknown, as is the collections name so as soon as I hear I will post an update.

These soft tones in the packaging are really appealing to me now I think because they aren't Red and Green Holiday-themed that we tend to put to the back of our fragrance closet when the holidays pass.


 Holiday Body Care Collection

  • Snowflakes and Cashmere - vanilla cashmere cream, caramel woods, frosted clementine
  • Winterberry Wonder - ruby frost winterberry, sparkling cranberry, crystal vanilla

New Bath and Body Works Holiday Body Care Photos

Bath and Body Works New Faceted Body Care Collection.  Stores are starting to hear about this collection so we could be seeing it arrive for the October 4th floor set, or sooner.  I am looking forward to seeing the Forever Red scent arrive back in stores as it is one of my go-to anytime of year scents.


Faceted Body Care Collection

  • Cactus Blossom - Cactus Petals, Sun-kissed Coconut, Vanilla
  • Champagne Toast - Bubbly Champagne, Sparkling Berries, Juicy Tangerine
  • Forever Red -
  • Rose Water and Ivy - Rose Petals, Ivy, Sandalwood

Available In:

  • Fine Fragrance Mist
  • Body Lotion
  • Body Cream
  • Shower Gel

Faceted Body Care Photos Here

Here is a First Look at a few New Bath and Body Works Holiday Traditions Body Care favorites for this upcoming holiday shopping season and I must admit I am loving what I see.

These Body Care labels match the Holiday Traditions Candle labels we have seen shared that are testing in select areas, which is always a great thing if you are like me and love it when all things match for gift giving.  

I suspect we will be seeing Holiday themed items release just after Halloween when the stores transform into a magical winter wonderland perfect to make even a Grinch smile.  After the year we all have had so far I think we can use something to make us smile...even just a little bit.

This Shower Gel label has a snow globe with little deer roaming beneath the starry skies and apples on the Winter Candy Apple and trees on the Vanilla Bean Noel highlight the sleepy village behind them.  These are just two fragrances from this collection with more to come soon.  Are you as excited as I am?  I knew you would be.

Hopefully, we will see a Sneak Peek release online for a day or two when they officially open the holiday shopping season.  Last year it was October 6th.


Holiday Traditions Body Care Collection ( more scents coming of course )

  • Vanilla Bean Noel - fresh vanilla bean, sugar cookies, warm caramel, whipped cream, snow-kissed musk
  • Winter Candy Apple - candy red apple, winter rose petals, candied orange, maple leaf, fresh cinnamon


Holiday Traditions Body Care Photos Here

Earlier today, a fragrance fan contacted me on Instagram asking if I knew about a Bath and Body Works video that was shared by MissSoDelish on Youtube.  I went and checked it out...and saw that MissSoDelish found in her store a collection of 12 Color Run packaged Fine Fragrance Mists that appeared to be"testing."  These mists included the scent notes on the back of each bottle, ( something they usually never do ) and most of the scents seem to be re-named fragrances we have had already.

 @ashleys_loves commented that her store had those and she shared her photos from her visit and has allowed me to share them too.  

Here is the complete list of names and scent notes for each shared by @_scentsgalore.

  • All Dressed Up - orange blossom, creamy latte, smooth vanilla
  • Cashmere Glow - golden peach, Lily petals, shimmering vanilla, cashmere musk
  • Coastal Linen and Lily - coastal freesia, dewy clementine, Lily of the valley
  • Coconut Escape - exotic coconut milk, tonka bean, sea salt musk
  • Dark Kiss - black raspberry, burgundy rose, plum musk, bergamot incense, dark vanilla bean
  • Garden Blossom - Wild gardenia, fresh tuberose, rich sandalwood
  • Jasmine Night Sky - dreamy jasmine, sweet praline, warm patchouli
  • Mad About You - black currant, bright peony, pink jasmine, White patchouli, vanilla musk
  • Pure Wonder - radiant raspberry, midnight jasmine, golden amber
  • Sweet Wildflower - crisp pear, peony petals, creamy sandalwood
  • Touch of Magic - blooming iris, sparkling amber, crystallized vanilla
  • Whipped Vanilla Bean - fresh vanilla bean, sugared cookies, whipped cream, fluffy musk
I am not sure how long this collection will remain in the stores that have launched them, or for what reason they were testing.  I haven't been to my stores since sharing these so I am not sure if they will be everywhere.


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 Bath and Body Works Candle Sale Email Photos


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