Bath & Body Works | Calendar of Sales 2019 - Try it to Believe It! and Email Exclusives

It's that time again!  Time for sleigh bells and super sales and I am ready for it.  Are you?  

There are some super sales being planned now and for those of us who love this time of year the most, this is our time to shop.  And as I hear what they are going to be...I will be sharing.  

Stay tuned...

So here is the story.  Last Monday, October 7th, I saw the info page of the Single Wick candles sale and the photo of the few new scents coming.

I posted a blog about the TONS of NEW coming and I made mention of those new single wick candles eluding to a sale coming but not sharing the date.  I didn't want to spill those beans too early, nearly a month away,  for a few reasons.

1. I get push back from store workers.  And to that I must say...I am NOT the ONLY person who knows about sales. How many stores are there?  Ha ha...with how many workers seeing the info? Do we think no one else is EVER going to say a word?

I am not the only person who shares sales...Everyone who works in stores knows too and they share in private groups, with their favorite customers, or on their own social sites...but I am the one who gets the private messages and public comments that I am messing with their sales.  

Sorry, but that isn't true and please don't message me with that.  The company may be making you their warriors to fight social woes but after 8+ years of dealing with all of that at this time of year...I am over it. And for the record, anyone who shops the store faithfully knows that this time of year, huge sales happen so they hold out on spending large amounts of cash on things that will eventually be really cheap.

2. Sales sometimes happen in select areas and not nationwide always. 

3. If the company sees the sale info has been released too early they may change the sale.  While it doesn't happen too often, it has happened a few times in the past where a sale date was released and the day ended up being pushed off to the next day.

Yesterday the day of the single wick sale was revealed so...I thought it was time to get the info out and organized to keep it available for the sales.

Here's the thing.  

Bath and Body Works wants email addresses to send you their sales.  So make sure you get on the list for the daily emails because some of them will have an email code necessary to purchase the items.  I try to post the days emails every morning as time permits.  

But some stores want to see those bar codes on YOUR phone as part of the email that you received so they may refuse it if it was shared on social media.  Granted, there are those who say they have signed up a million times for email and still have not received one.  Keep trying in stores at the checkout giving them your email and call customer service again and again until it works.  Let them know this is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year and you need that email to SHOP!!!

Hopefully, the Rewards APP will launch soon for everyone so we won't have to worry as much about missing offerings.  Until then, I will try and keep you informed.  Hey, Santa can't do it all himself, right?  We need to help and the more we save, the more we can shop for!  These silly little calendars.

I started doing these years ago as a way to keep things straight for myself.  These are NOT Bath and Body Works Calendars.  I take a blank calendar page and add to it the info I hear, as I hear it.

ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  And I put that in Caps because, well, we all know...they change things a lot.  They set dates to launch something and lo and behold...weeks comes the new product.  For them, it's about sales happening currently in stores and what we are interested in buying or not buying as well as what an items stock quantites are ready to launch.  

Timing is everything.  So if you see a little sale stated for a certain date and it didn't happen then...please don't get the torches.  ;)

Bath and Body Works newest fragrance Into the Night was set to launch on October 28th, with bounce-back coupons printed for that release date with distribution of the coupons beginning October 7th.  Well, tomorrow October 14th, ( it's already set in some stores on Friday/Saturday) Into the Night will be in stores.  I don't think they will be honoring that bounceback coupon until October they are still passing them out at checkout.

When I hear something is coming, I will post an updated calendar. Check my blog often to see the latest information.  If I post a ton of little calendar pics on social media, it will cause tons of confusion.

The Sales.

I am hearing that the month of November will have many sales and those that will interest us the most will be the Email Exclusive Sales where there will be an Email required code to get the sale pricing and NO other coupons can be used. 
And there is the common "Try It To Believe It"  Sales and those are the items we love with the most awesome of prices and NO email code is required so we can use our COUPONS on those for added savings.

The Exclusive Email Sales will happen on Fridays and the Try it to Believe it sales will happen on Saturdays.

And Yes, there will be sales all throughout the month.

Here is what I know about sales so far...

  •  October 11th the stores will pass out the two different styles of paper masks at check-out.  Some stores have already begun passing them out earlier but the official release date was on the 11th.
  • October 14th, Bath and Body Works with release their newest Signature Fragrance Into the Night both in stores and online.  Some stores have already set this out earlier this past week.  This is two weeks earlier than they planned to release it, as shown in marketing prior and printed on the bounce-back coupons.
  • Sometime between October 21st and October 24th we should see a sale on fall-themed items in stores/ online.
  • We may see another FACEBOOK Live video on October 25th sharing more holiday goodies.
  • October 27th there will be a floor set beginning to set Holiday.  Holiday will be broken down into a few different days of setting.  I think this set will begin with the walls.

  • Every Friday in November we should see an Email Exclusive Sale requiring an email coupon code to purchase.  No other coupons will be accepted for that sale.
  • Every Saturday in November we should see a Try It To Believe It Sale on those items we love to save big on and this sale will ALLOW you to use any coupons you may have for additional savings.
  • November 3rd will be the HUGE transformation floor set happening in the store that should change tables making everything a holiday wonderland.
  • November 24th should have another floor set change, possibly small.
  • I would think sometime the week of November 24th the Black Friday VIP Tote Bag should pop up for early sale with the Rewards App, and then for the rest of us perhaps a day or so later. Sometimes it sneaks out early online so watch for those emails.
  • I am not sure if there will be any late-night Thanksgiving day early Black Friday Sales in stores/online but it is something to watch for.
  • Of course, November 29th is Black Friday Sales day. Make your lists and collect those coupons.
  • Saturday, December 7th Candle Day.  Please do not believe all of the rumors of pricing for the candles.  Every year it is the same with rumors of what the price will be and the pricing changes until the very last moment before the start of the sale.

Please Note: as things change, I will keep updating the information. Be sure to visit me here for the latest information that I know.
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