Bath & Body Works | New Canadian Coupon Found - You're The One New Signature Body Care Collection

A Bath and Body Works Canadian Version Bounce Back Coupon was shared with me and it shows the new body care collection I have been talking about since September 15th and gave a quick review about it on September 19th.

You're The One!

You''re Confident, Sparkling, Beautiful.

This coupon shows us the Fine Fragrance Mist, Shower Gel, Body Cream, and a Bubble Bath.

The packaging on this fragrance is so beautiful and if I had first seen and tried it for Valentine's Day, I would have said it fits perfectly for then. But know this, it also fits perfectly now for holiday time gift giving and giving to yourself... and we should be seeing it come out around November 2nd. Fingers crossed. If it doesn't come out earlier.

The date on the Canadian coupon reads November 2-22, 2020 so I would guess that is when they plan on this release. With 2020 being all 2020-ish....who knows.

This looks like it could be stuffed inside an totally essential Black Friday Tote Bag filled with other awesome goodies...doesn't it?

Perhaps an entire collection of this fragrance items...Pocketbacs, Hand Soap, toss in a three wick candle in the matching scent with a sparkly red glittered lid and BAM! Sales.

Hopefully. we will get to have a Black Friday...Any Friday...Some Kind Of Friday Tote Bag.

Offer them online...starting now so we all can get it without the rush of holiday mail deliveries getting lost. Make many of them because honestly, Bath and Body Works, we are hungry. Hungry for the Joy.

I mentioned that word today on Instagram to a comment about the rushing of the seasons and items coming out and my posting all of them. I get it. Summer comes and the fall scents are being found and talked about all over social media. Then fall isn't even close to being over and we are talking Christmas.

Retail is ALWAYS many sales seasons ahead, in all retail brands. They need to be. I share what is new, and out, and coming out so we can all prepare our budgets for this influx of luxury items we will be treating ourselves with regardless. But I always try to find the JOY for the time I am in now. In big ways and small I seek Joy because it is that one thing we can have for ourselves daily that costs nothing.

As we get closer to the November 2nd conversion to all things Wonderfully Holiday in Bath and Body Works stores and online, I hope we are given more sneak peeks from the company itself...even virtually recordings with Alex ( like was done last year) to keep the Joy in our days going.

Happy Shopping!

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